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How do you change a fwd whwwl bearing?

Answer . this question needs to be defined a lil more cause it varies fromtruck to truck. but pull off the wheel, and the brake caliper. pull off the nut that holds the ro ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert a fwd Scion tc to 4wd?

You would need to have the transmission modified or replaced, a custom driveshaft, couplings and rear differential built, a custom subframe built to hold these pieces, and cus ( Full Answer )
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How do you troubleshoot nonworking FWD system on a 1998 KIA sport-age FWD?

The first thing to check are the vacuum hoses that go to each front wheel to activates the front wheel drive when you switch to 4 wheel. I had the same problem and it was the ( Full Answer )
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How do you lift an independent suspension fwd?

u can put a four inch block in the rear n tighten up the torsion bars to get a lil bit of lift without spendin a lot of money. c.p.c
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Is your expedition fwd or rwd?

Rear wheel drive with four wheel drive capabilities if you have a 4X4 equipped. Expedition
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Is the fiero fwd or rwd?

Unless it's been very seriously modified, it's a mid-engine, transversely mounted transaxle, and rear wheel drive with open differential.
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What is a FWD vehicle?

FWD means Front Wheel Drive. This means that engine power is transferred to the road by the front wheels instead of the rear wheels as was common in the past. FWD cars are ( Full Answer )
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FWD rims on AWD car?

Answer depends upon the bolt pattern and offset for the donor and transplant vehicles. In some cases, AWD vehicles use traditionally FWD fitments, however some brands with tra ( Full Answer )
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Which is better fwd or awd?

AWD is my personal choice there are also multiple types of AWD systems FWD is for the most part pretty straight forward Nissan Skylines have a aggresive AWD system in anotherw ( Full Answer )
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Are FWD cars gay?

If you're questioning it, don't get one. And FWD could mean either f our- w heel d rive or f ront- w heel d rive. Automobiles do not have "sexes". They are an inanimate ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your Jeep Cherokee out of FWD?

put the transmission in neutral and shift the transfer case to 2WD. if the transfer case lever is stuck, try driving forward very slowly (walking speed) then putting the trans ( Full Answer )
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What are topics for a fwd text message?

joks. like:. FWD: eenie meenie miney moe. im a pimp and you my hoe. you will pay me everyday and do whatever the f**k i say. pimp ever1 b4 they pimp u and remember u cnt pimp ( Full Answer )
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What are flirty fwd text messages?

I did this one to a guy that I liked and it made my day: "if I were to die right now, what is one thing that you wish you would have told me" I at least got the truth o ( Full Answer )
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Is there a perverted FWD about a bottle?

I love the length & size of it, I love to shake it up & down, its awesome when stuff goes in & out of it, I love the taste of the stuff that comes out, I fell good when other ( Full Answer )
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Is there a perverted FWD about a controler?

I love to play with them, some soft or hard, I love to grab them and play with them, I slap them when they dont follow orders, I love to grab & throw them on the bed & watch t ( Full Answer )
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Is there a perverted FWD about a air conditioner?

I cant live without you, im dying to feel you at night, sweat is drippen down my body, I want you, I need you, come on you freaking air conditioner, WORK!!!
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Is there a perverted FWD about a needle?

To make it stand, she holds it, to make it smooth, she licks it, to make it enter, she pushes it's not easy to thread a needle.
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Is there a perverted FWD about ketchup and Maynasie?

I love the way it fells, tastes, & that I can get or make more, I love that I can sqeeze it & sqwurt it across the room, I love it when my lady slurps & smears it on her body, ( Full Answer )
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How does Toyota Highlander fwd work?

There are sensors located on the axle assemblies of all four wheels. When the sensors tell the on-board computer that the vehicle has lost traction on its front wheels it auto ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a fwd car into a awd?

Cost prohibitive exercise illustrating the law of diminishing returns - cheaper alternative would be to simply trade/sell the FWD vehicle for an AWD variant. If AWD is truly d ( Full Answer )
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Are Lexus cars fwd?

a lot of them are, but a recent Lexus in production is an awd v8 hybrid.
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Do you have a good fwd message?

Hey can u send me a msg that saids hi or sum thing like that my friends over and she doesnt believe retards can text so lets show them little buddy,lol jk jk send dis to all u ( Full Answer )
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How do you put a Subaru Impreza in fwd?

a) Why would you want to??? b) You can't anyway - but in certain models you can change the DCCD to adjust the amount of torque being split between front and rear wheels
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What is the difference between 4x2 and FWD?

A 4x2 basically means 4 wheels with a 2 wheel drive like a standard pick-up. FWD refers to a front wheel drive vehicle common to most autos manufactured these days.
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Is cts fwd?

No. A Cadillac CTS is a RWD or AWD vehicle. CTS4 Denotes an AWD vehicle.
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Is an AWD or FWD car better?

That can only be answerd on opion's... If you try them both (AWD or FWD) you will be able to answer that question yourself. :)
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What does the abbreviations FWD stand for?

Usually it stands for "Forward." For example, if Joe sends Mary an email or text, and Mary wants to send it to you, she can forward it to you. This sends you a copy of the mes ( Full Answer )
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Is a 2006 Durango fwd or rwd?

It depends, Most SUV's are rear wheel drive. But I have also seensome 4 wheel drive SUV's too. Yours could possibly be 4 wheeldrive.
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What is FWD on a SUV?

FWD is usually in reference to front wheel drive. Sometimes, it'sused to denote four wheel drive, although 4WD or 4x4 is morecommon.
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What is the function of FWD in vehicles?

FWD means front wheel drive. It drives most of the engines power to the front wheels through drive shafts which allows the car to have better handling than rear wheel drive ca ( Full Answer )
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Where there any fwd Corvettes?

Corvettes always have been, and always will be rear wheel drive. It is motorhead blasphemy to even think about it.
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Is 1997 Nissan fwd?

Some are, some aren't. We'd need to know which model you were referring to in order to give a better answer.