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What is a Marathon?

mar·a·thon (măr ' ə-thŏn') n. . Sports. . A cross-country footrace of 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 kilometers). . A long-distance race other than a footrac (MORE)
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What fitness components are needed in cricket?

there are a number of fitness components which are required in cricket, these include:. Core Stability . Speed & Agility . Strength & Power . Endurance Fitness . Fle (MORE)
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Why do you need fitness?

we need fitness so you dont gain alot of weight and we need fitness you can exercise and get fit.
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Do you need a levels?

Yes, you need A-levels. --- (For those who do not understand the question, A level is a general certificate of education used in the UK)
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How many calories does a marathon runner need an hour?

Depends upon the runner's gender, size, body composition and, most importantly, speed; however, as a generality:. Elite marathonners burn around 1,400 calories per hour. "Ty (MORE)
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Why do you need to be fit?

The fitter and healthier you are, the longer you will live. Your body's immune system will be protected from more diseases, you will recover from injuries faster, and you will (MORE)
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How do you measure your fitness level?

A fitness test typically assesses aerobic fitness, muscularstrength/endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Beforestarting a workout routine, complete a group of exercis (MORE)
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What are the fitness levels?

The five fitness levels are: . Atrophy- wasting away of essential functions due to complete inactivity . Sedentary- gradual wasting away of essential functions . Improving- (MORE)
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Could my younger brother complete an ultra marathon 150km over two days he is 16 and is rowing so is already reasonably fit but understands much training is needed is this a realistic idea?

No!!! At 16, he isn't finished growing, the training and race of 150km could cause him permanent damage. He should wait for at least 2 to 3 years before moving up in distance (MORE)
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Why do carbohydrate drinks need to be consumed during a marathon?

Carbohydrates enter the blood stream as glucose, which serves as a high-energy source of fuel so that your body can make it through the rigorous run. Carbohydrates are an esse (MORE)
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What does fitness trainer needs?

i have a IT project at school so i chose fitness trainer to be my job x] i searched google for top 10 jobs and fitness trainer was one of them :P so first question - Li (MORE)
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Why is it important to have a good level of fitness?

According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) regular physical activity can provide benefits in the following ways: 1. Improvement in Cardiovascular and Respi (MORE)
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Do you need to be fit for swimming?

Not at all. I know plenty of people who had no fitness background at all, and if you start off slow, and I mean SLOW, no more than about 15 to 20 minutes initially when you st (MORE)
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What level of fitness do referees need?

The referees need a very high level of fitness, as they have to run around for over 90 minutes, they need very good eyes as well and stamina to.
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How many minutes of physical activity per day do you need to increase your physical fitness levels?

This depends on your current physical fitness. If you are functional, but not active any amount would technically increase your physical fitness. If you desire to become ph (MORE)
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What are some good fitness programs for training for a marathon?

When training for a marathon, you will want to run at both slow and fast speeds, include hills, and increase your distance 10-20% maximum each week. You will want to include l (MORE)
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How can increasing activity levels can improve fitness levels?

Kissing your partner passionately for a minute will burn 6.4 calories. So 10 times kissing in day will burn 64 calories and approximately 23,000 calories in a year (Times of I (MORE)
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What is the physical fitness level in America?

Most of america is overweight or obese. however the percentage of the overweight population is slowly dropping due to them getting help for their weight problem, by either usi (MORE)
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What level of fitness is need to become a soccer linesman?

A linesman, or Assistant Referee as one would properly be called if it is a neutral match official, needs various physical fitness skills in order to effectively do the job. T (MORE)
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How will running improve your fitness level?

It improves your stamina, because if you run regularly your body will get used to it, so you can run on and on for longer, helps to keep you fit too, eating healthy also helps (MORE)