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How many bytes of memory is a 1Mx64 memory chip?

A 1Mx64-bit memory chip contains , or 64-bit Lwords.. You could express this either in terms of MegaBits or MegaBytes.. In Megabits, 64Mbits because 1Mx64 = 64Mbits. and (MORE)
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How many register in 2K memory chip?

Registers represent the number of memory locations. A 2K memorychip has 2x1024=2048 memory locations. Hence there are 2048registers in a 2K memory.
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What is on chip memory?

It is integrated with Processor. Also called Cache Memory.
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Why silicon is used in memory chip?

silicon is the insulator. Just like rubber or platic coated electrical wires or cords are insulated. Silicon is used for 3 very good reasons. #1. It can be made so be so (MORE)
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How many address lines are necessary to access 64K x 8 memory system using 8K x 8 memory chips?

It does not matter what size the memory chips are. If the memory system is 64K x 8, then you need 16 address lines to access it. Perhaps you meant to ask how many address l (MORE)
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How many address line for a memory chip?

The No.of Address Lines for a Memory Chip depends on the Size of the memory chip. 1KB memory chip will have 10 address line(i.e.,2^10=1KB)...