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What is a FS?

In American Football, 'FS' stands for F ree S afety. Free safety is a position on defense.
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What does the FS on the nickel mean?

FS is found on the Jefferson Nickels - the initials stand for: Felix Schlag, the designer of this specific cent piece.
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What does FS mean?

Would depend on the situation, if it's related to mountainbikes it'd mean full suspension, i.e. both front wheels being able to move in relation to the main frame. Other areas ( Full Answer )
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What does fs mean when your buying head collars?

If you mean Fs (capital) then it can often mean that the size (s) of the headcollar is Full (F) full fits most large headed horses eg throughbred, stockhorses etc. The sizes g ( Full Answer )
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How many letter fs does the sentence have?

6 if you are doing the most famous which is: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEAR. F inished F iles o f o f sc ( Full Answer )
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What does fs mean in the same sentence as GFE?

Full Service - conventional sexual intercourse Fat Shagger - (Usually) an unattractive male who loves to hit on heavyweight women. Source:
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Is fs verify a scam?

You bet ! It's one of many owned by some guy in Canada, who runs this scam listing. Stay Away!
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What is the value of an FS nickel?

FS does not identify a nickel except to say that it's a Jefferson nickel. That's the monogram of Felix Schlag, who designed the original Jefferson nickel in 1938. Except fo ( Full Answer )
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What does FS on the dime mean?

You'll need a magnifying glass, but the letters are "JS" rather than "FS". They're the initials of John R. Sinnock, who designed the Roosevelt dime. The initials FS are o ( Full Answer )
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How can you tell a fs trick from a bs?

If it helps at all FS means Front side and BS means Back side If its grinding then BS is if you are approaching the grind with your back facing it. If its FS then its in fr ( Full Answer )
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What does FS stand for on the periodic table?

These are the initials of Frank Schaffer Publications, an educational publisher that sold many types of classroom aids and instructional literature. This included an inexpen ( Full Answer )
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How much does a Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FS cost?

A Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FS bicycle will cost approximately $200. Thecost of the bicycle varies depending on the accessories.
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What are some words ending is fs?

beefs . clefts . cliffs . fluffs . golfs . gulfs . goofs . gaffs . huffs . muffs . miffs . oafs . offs . puffs . roofs . reefs . serfs . staffs . stuffs . s ( Full Answer )
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What is a plural noun that ends in -fs?

belief - beliefs cuff - cuffs cliff - cliffs tiff - tiffs toff - toffs muff - muffs if - ifs whiff - whiffs cliffs \ndwarfs (although dwarves is also used) \ncuffs
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What does FS mean in criminal charges in Texas?

Legal jargon, abbreviations, and short-hand notations vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and do not have any standard meaning from one court system to another. The ( Full Answer )
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What does FS mean on a 10k ring?

I have a very old gold colored ring with a clear stone that has fs 4 k inside? what does that mean? what could the stone be? It is not a diamond but the Gold is real and looks ( Full Answer )
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What does the texting term fs mean?

For sure . Or a swear word which we cannot repeat on a family website, which ends in "sake"
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What does fS-Gluc mean?

In humans blood, it is blood sugar. Normal amount of blood sugar is 3,9-6 mmol/l.
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How many fs can you play on a cello?

In the primary finger position (first position), you can play 2 Fs. Using other finger positions allows you to play many more.
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What is a FS in football?

It is a free safety. Like in the Miami Dolphins it would be Will Allen
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What does fs mean on mixer?

fs may refer to sampling frequency which is the frequecy used to sample an analog signal.
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What are the technical specification of the FS 100?

Sony NEX-FS100 is a professional video camera. Sensor size is super 35. Sensor type is CMOS. It has a hinged display measuring 3.5 inches. Lenses are interchangeable and it do ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of an FS Grendel 308 rifle?

Sorry- just not enough info to give you an accurate answer. The value of ANY firearm is based on the exact MAKE, MODEL, and CONDITION. Without those 3 criteria, we really can' ( Full Answer )
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How do you find an Sonar Fs-26 manual?

You need more info. some models are the same, so you can get amanuel for a more common model and use it for your model.
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What has the author FS Jones written?

F.S Jones has written: 'A programming model of government expenditures' -- subject(s): Expenditures, Public, Mathematical models, Public Expenditures