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What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'FTM' regarding transgender?

FTM is an abbreviation that stands for "Female-to-Male" and refers to transgender individuals. This means a person who was born genetically female but has transitioned -- or i ( Full Answer )
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What does ftm mean in personal ads?

Female to male transsexual. Someone who was born female, but now lives as a male. Many (not all) ftms take testosterone which produces secondary male sex characteristics (faci ( Full Answer )
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What are the Steps for a FTM Transgender's Transition?

There is no exact timeline. Some transmen transition socially without hormones or surgery. Those transitioning medically may choose to have top surgery and not do hormones, or ( Full Answer )
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What does ftm mean in football?

FTM. English Premier League club rivalry between Sunderand and Newcastle United. As Newcastle United don a black and white striped shirt, quite similar to a BARCODE, their n ( Full Answer )
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My husband of 3 years is trans ftm and my fairly liberal family doesn't know We're planning to have kids and keeping the secret could get really weird Should we tell my family and if so how?

Well, its just up to you. Do you feel that its important to tell them that you're husband isn't what he is on the inside, although that that doesn't matter to you? If it reall ( Full Answer )
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What does ftm stand for?

It could mean quite a few things really and depends on the context, below are the most likely answers but check the link on Wikipedia which may also contain what you are looki ( Full Answer )
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Why is a gaspak anaerobic jar necessary for the culture of anaerobes on TSA plates but not in tubes of FTM?

TSA plates do not allow for the growth of anaerobes, becasue the entire culture is exposed to oxygen. So the TSA plates require the gaspak to provide an anaerobic condition. ( Full Answer )
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Can a ftm man get a normal female pregnant?

FTM guys don't produce sperm, so they cannot impregnate a woman in the "standard" fashion. But there are many options out there for couples who want to conceive.
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Ftm taking testosterone stop your period?

Testosterone will eventually cause the menstrual cycle to stop. For some people this happens quickly, others it may take several months.
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How much does ftm surgery cost?

FtM (Female to Male) Surgeries are very diverse. There are 3 main surgeries, but those are not the only surgeries that are available. *"Phalloplasty procedures also tend t ( Full Answer )
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How should I come out as a FTM transgender- I'm in ninth grade?

Hey im also a trans, grade 9. I basically told my bestfriends last year, and my parents, but i didnt come out when i became a freshman, ill be getting s haircut soon and messa ( Full Answer )
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Why do some lesbians dress up like boys if they're not FTM?

I tend to wear both boys and girls clothes depending on the day. Certain girly outfits are appealing as are some boyish outfits. It's more or less about what they feel comfort ( Full Answer )
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How do you be a FTM at an girls school?

It's hard, but if you're asking this question you either care a lot about the trans boys in your life, or you're lucky enough to have started the process of real self discover ( Full Answer )
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What type of men like FTM transgenders?

Well, I would assume a man who likes FTMs would be gay. Successful post-op female-to-males are men. They were born incorrectly as a woman, and changed their body to match thei ( Full Answer )
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What is FTM and How do you fix it?

I Was walking home from School and i turned my phone on and it went on to FTM, I cant turn my phone Off cant do anything please help!
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Do FtM trans people go through menopause?

If the FTM process is complete the Ovaries & Uterus is taken & surgicaly induced menopause strats right then. The coctail of hormones that are taken to produce hair growth and ( Full Answer )
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What is the slang-identity-label for a gynephilic MtF transsexual or androphilic FtM transsexual?

Those terms are not slang, but jargon and pseudoscience. The terms are autogynephilic and androphilic. In terms of MtF transsexual persons an autogynephile is attracted to the ( Full Answer )
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How do you know you are transgender ftm?

For a long time now I have been asking myself "Am I transgender",however i still don't know. I feel extremely uncomfortable in 'female' clothing, and cringewhen ever someone u ( Full Answer )