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Where is Morgantown NC?

About halfway between Greensboro and Durham, near Burlington and just North of Interstate 85.
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What is on the NC Flag?

on it is a n and a star then a c then over thoose lettlers ther is may 20 1775 and under all that there is April 12 1776
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What is NC?

North Carolina the state under Virginia which is the best state inthe world yes it is because I live in Rockingham, NC and it issplendid here.
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Where is Roxboro NC?

Roxboro NC is in Person County, in north-central NC, about 25 miles south of the Virginia border.
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Where is NC?

It is in the Mideastern area of America near South Carolina.
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States in nc that start with g?

North Carolina is a state. There are cities, towns, villages and communities in North Carolina. There are no geographic states in North Carolina. There are states of a person' (MORE)
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Is Charlotte NC in the Piedmont NC?

Yes, Charlotte is in the Piedmont of North Carolina. North Carolina consists of three main geographic sections: the coastal plain, which occupies the eastern 45% of the state; (MORE)
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Is NC a state?

Yes. NC stands for North Carolina; A state on the East Coast of the United states sharing borders with South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Some Random facts about NC: (MORE)
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How do you get NC in petpetpark?

To get neocash (NC), you have to use your real money. You can buy a neocash card (even thought it says neopets, you can still use it on petpetpark). Also, there is a petpetpar (MORE)
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Where is monroe nc?

monroe North Carolina is in a small county called union county (: kmm.
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Are there lynx in nc?

Yes, but not the Canada lynx, but the bobcat or bay lynx as it is called. Scientific name "Lynx Rufus".
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Is the university of NC in Wilmington NC?

There are six institutions in that use the UNC title, as well asnine other universities and one public boarding school for 11th and12th graders (NC School of Math and Sciences (MORE)
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Florida to nc?

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