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How do you get bonded in nc?

You can go to any insurance agency that issues bonds and request tobe bonded. They will run a background check in order to issue abond.
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Colleges in nc?

NC's Community College System -- headquartered in Raleigh University of North Carolina - General Administration --headquartered in Chapel Hill . Appalachian State Universi ( Full Answer )
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Why was NC founded?

The people that came over wanted a betterlife. Some of them were escaping religious persecution and otherscame in search of wealth. .
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What is on the NC Flag?

on it is a n and a star then a c then over thoose lettlers ther is may 20 1775 and under all that there is April 12 1776
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What is NC?

North Carolina the state under Virginia which is the best state inthe world yes it is because I live in Rockingham, NC and it issplendid here.
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What is nc thinner?

N.C. THINNER is NIctro cellulose Thinner & it is a mixture of esters, glycol, alcohol, aromatic solvents and ketones suitable diluents to all nitro products. It is manufactur ( Full Answer )
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Where is Roxboro NC?

Roxboro NC is in Person County, in north-central NC, about 25 miles south of the Virginia border.
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How do you get nc on

You can either buy it or claim a free 150NC at the NC mall if you have not already done so.. -buy neocash with us dollars . -play Quasalan Expellibox which you can drop a sc ( Full Answer )
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What is a nc contact?

An N.C. contact is 'Normally closed'. This applies to relays (electronic switches). You can use either a normally closed contact or a normally open contact to do what you ( Full Answer )
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Where is Wilmington NC?

Wilmington NC is in North Carolina. (NC stands for North Carolina). There is also another Wilmington in Delaware. Hope that helps!! :-)
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Where is Delview NC?

Dellview, NC is in Gaston County and is known as America's smallest town with just 8 people at the 1980 census.
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How was NC found?

North Carolina was founded by virginians in 1653 when king Charles the 2 sent 8 people on a mission
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When can you move out in nc?

You may move out when you are 18, although im not sure if you can move out earlier if your parents are "bad" or anything
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Can you be emancipated in NC?

In NC you can petition the court for emancipation at the age of 16. It's rarely granted.
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Where is Clemmons NC?

Clemmons NC is located at 66 degrees latiude and longitude. It's west of Winston-Salem, NC and east of Statesville, NC.
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What is AD NC?

Schema NC, *Configuration NC, * Domain NC Schema NC This NC is replicated to every other domain controller in the forest. It contains information about the Active Director ( Full Answer )
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Are Anacondas in NC?

No, as far as living in the wild. General information! Anacondas Scientific classification. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Reptilia ( Full Answer )
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Can you have a tortoise in nc?

I know that it's illegal to sell or buy tortoises and turtles in NC - you won't find any in pet stores here. I don't know about just HAVING one. I bought a 3-Toed Texas Box Tu ( Full Answer )
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What Starts With A in NC?

Asheville is a city in North Carolina. Atkinson is a town in Pender County, North Carolina. Alliance is a town in Pamlico County, North Carolina.
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How do you get NC on Neopets?

You buy it using real money. It can be bought at the NC mall using paypal or a credit card.
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States in nc that start with g?

North Carolina is a state. There are cities, towns, villages and communities in North Carolina. There are no geographic states in North Carolina. There are states of a person' ( Full Answer )
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What region is NC in?

North Carolina is in the eastern time zone, but North Carolina itself is not in any regions, other than being in the eastern region. North Carolina has 3 regions inside of it, ( Full Answer )
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Is Charlotte NC in the Piedmont NC?

Yes, Charlotte is in the Piedmont of North Carolina. North Carolina consists of three main geographic sections: the coastal plain, which occupies the eastern 45% of the state; ( Full Answer )
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Is NC a state?

Yes. NC stands for North Carolina; A state on the East Coast of the United states sharing borders with South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Some Random facts about NC: ( Full Answer )
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How do you get NC in petpetpark?

To get neocash (NC), you have to use your real money. You can buy a neocash card (even thought it says neopets, you can still use it on petpetpark). Also, there is a petpetpar ( Full Answer )
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Are there lynx in nc?

Yes, but not the Canada lynx, but the bobcat or bay lynx as it is called. Scientific name "Lynx Rufus".
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Is the university of NC in Wilmington NC?

There are six institutions in that use the UNC title, as well asnine other universities and one public boarding school for 11th and12th graders (NC School of Math and Sciences ( Full Answer )
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What is there to do in Charlotte NC?

There are many things to do in Charlotte, NC! You can go fishing, mud bogging, car racing or you can dine at one of the local restaurants and sample to local cuisine.
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What precinct in NC are you in?

Call your county clerk and give them your address; they can tell you your precinct.
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Where is Calabash NC?

On the North Carolina/South Carolina border, near the ocean, 24 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach.
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Does nc get tornadoes and why?

Yes. North Carolina does get tornadoes. As to why, the simplest wayof saying is that there are very few places that don't gettornadoes, though they are rare in most areas. In ( Full Answer )
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Who is your congressman in NC?

1st CD of NC -- G. K. Butterfield (D) -- all of Bertie, Greene, Halifax, Hertford, Northampton & Warren Counties & parts of Chowan, Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Lenoir, Mar ( Full Answer )
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When will there be a tornado in NC?

There is no way of predicting when the next tornado will strike inany area. Short range forecasts can state that tornadoes arepossible or probably across a region up to a few ( Full Answer )