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Is walking a gait?

Yes, there are for gaits and walk is one of them. Walk Trot Canter Gallop
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What is a horse's gait?

gaits are the following: walk,jog ,trot,canter,gallop\nnot skipping
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What is a horse gait?

In horses, a gait is like what pace they are going at. The four gaits a horse has arae walk, trot,canter,and gallop. In novice + dressage you get different levels of the gaits (MORE)
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Is a walk a gait?

a gait is a sort of walk yes a gait is pretty much a rhythm kind of walking
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Is canter a gait?

Yes, along with walk, trot, and gallop.
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Is a canter a gait?

Yes, canter is a gait Right; it is the speed between trot and gallop, usually considered a slow gallop.
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What is a gait on Howrse?

A gait on Howrse is the same in real life-- how fast and in what way an animal or human walks/runs, eg for horses: walk, trot, canter, gallop. Well, those are the basic ones a (MORE)
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What is a gait in horseriding?

The way the hooves hit the ground and the speed of travel give you a gait, named walk, trot, canter, pace, amble, etc. The Way A Horses Carrys And Holds Itself Someone Whos N (MORE)
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Gait in a sentence?

Gait means a way of walking or the pattern of limb movements ofanimals and humans as they move forward. She kept the horse at acomfortable gait on the trail ride.
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What is are horse's gait?

the way the horse moves, specifically how fast. Like, walking, trotting, cantering, galloping
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What is the slowest gait?

The walk is the slowest gait.. The walk is the horse's slowest gait.
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What are the horse gait?

there are 4 main gaits. This is from slowest to fastest...walk, trot, canter, gallop. There are many other things that horses can do though, and these are just the main ones. (MORE)
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What is a gait?

pattern of movement of the limbs of animals
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What is gait balance?

I have never heard it called gait balance, but there is such a thing as a 'balanced' horse. If your horse is habitually unbalanced it could be unsafe for him and you as a ride (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of gait?

There are a few different gaits horses have, and they are separated by speed and rhythm/steps. So there's: Walk - four beats, slowest gait Trot/Jog - two beat, slightly f (MORE)
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What is a lunar gait?

A lunar gait is a way of walking that astronauts used on the moon.There are four types of lunar gaits. For more information visit the Related Link.
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What is a leisurely gait?

Leisurely means slow or unhurried, and gait is a term for the way a horse walks, and is sometimes applied to human walking. So a leisurely gait is a slow pace of riding or wal (MORE)
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Are standardbreds gaited?

The number of standard bred horses in the United States that aregaited is on the rise. However, this was not always the case.
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What is a synonym for gait?

The synonym for gait is: walk, step, pace, way of walking, or bearing.
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What is a dysfunctional gait?

Inman's Hypothesis: "The human body, if not influenced markedly by internal or external factors, will integrate the motion of the various segments of the body and control t (MORE)
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What is 3pt gait?

If you mean the 3rd traditional Gait then it is canter. Canter is a 3 beat gait. It goes "Inside hind, Outside hind AND Inside fore, Outside fore"