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GDR Satellite nation of US?

The German Democratic Republic (GDR), which was also called East Germany. was a satellite of the Soviet Union. The GDR ceased to exist when Germany was reunified in 1990.. Fo (MORE)
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What is adr gdr and sdr?

ADR - Transport of dangerous goods. Vehicle and driver must be licensed - UN = the number (code) of dangerous goods specified. SDR - Transport of extremely dangerous go (MORE)
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What is adr and gdr?

ADR stands for American Depository Receipt . Similarly, GDR stands for Global Depository Receipt .
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What is gdr and rtm?

Both are information technology terms. RTM - Release To Manufacturing. For example, when a new version of Microsoft Windows is released to the general public, the version is k (MORE)
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What country is gdr?

GDR (German Democratic Republic) was also known as East Germany and lasted from 1949 - 1990 when the Berlin Wall fell.