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Is linking to an open source component enough to comply with GPL LGPL or MPL open source licensing?

Answer . NO! GPL, LGPL and MPL are complex licenses and without more knowledge this question can't be answered. The gist of GPL, you can do with the program what yo ( Full Answer )
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What are GPL lenses are they polarized?

In reference to Ray-Ban sunglasses, their GPL lenses are polarized. The GPL stands for Glass Polarized Lens.
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Explain open source in relation to the GNU GPL?

Open source means that the source code is available free of charge. That does not mean however that you have any other rights in connection to it. GNU GPL insures that a softw ( Full Answer )
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How do GNU GPL and Open Source differ from each other?

"Open-source" only means that the source is available. It doesn't tell you what you can do with the file. The GPL instructs you on what you can, cannot, and must do with the s ( Full Answer )
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What does GPL stand for?

GNU Public License. "GNU" in turn is a recursive acronym standing for "GNUs Not Unix.".
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How is a GPL software license different from a copyright license?

A Gnu General Public License is an extraordinarily broad license allowing derivative works to be created as long as they are distributed under the same license. A more typical ( Full Answer )
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Is GPL software freeware?

No. The terms of the GPL do not forbid selling the software; they simply require you to provide the source code to the program and any changes you have made. So if I write a p ( Full Answer )
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What is a GPL software?

In the technological field, GPL means "General Public Licence". The software that is developed under open platform is distributed under the term entitled GPL. The GPL Software ( Full Answer )
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What does the General Public License gpl allow you to do with Linux software?

As an end user, it allows you to do anything you want without restriction. For people who redistribute, including end users who modify the kernel: It allows you to give it ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between GNU and GPL?

one of them has gNU and the other has gPL!!!! The GNU is the Lesser General Public Licence or LGPL (formerly the GNU Library General Public Licence). The main difference betw ( Full Answer )
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How many ounces in 1.1 pounds of krytox gpl 103 oil?

1 pound = 16 ounces so 1.1 pounds = 1.1*16 = 17.6 ounces.. 1 pound = 16 ounces so 1.1 pounds = 1.1*16 = 17.6 ounces.. 1 pound = 16 ounces so 1.1 pounds = 1.1*16 = 17.6 ounce ( Full Answer )
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What is GNU GPL and how does it differ from copyright?

The GNU General Public License was originally written by Richard Stallman for the GNU mass-collaboration software project. Like Creative Commons and other copyleft systems, it ( Full Answer )
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Can GPL-licensed software contain DRM?

No; the General Public License must allow the end user to copy and modify the software.
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What do the abbreviations GNU GPL stand for?

The abbreviation GNU stands for 'Gnu's Not Unix' in computing. And the abbreviation GPL stands for 'General Public License' also in computing. Of course, there are could be ot ( Full Answer )