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What does GSA mean?

General Services Administration, if you mean the GSA of the U.S. Federal government. Or if you are referring ( Full Answer )
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Is it a bad thing if an 1885-cc GSA Morgan dollar you just purchased has a hairline crack?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% If you bought the coin at a price based on its grade, I wouldn't worry about a hairline crack in the GSA case. However, if you paid a premium for the GSA pa ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find information on the GSA struck 1861 O half dollar with obverse die cracks?

\n Answer \n. \nThe General Services Administration didn't exist in 1861 and never struck any coins. Perhaps you mean CSA - Confederate States of America. There were on ( Full Answer )
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What does the term GSA expenses mean in corporate financial statements?

GSA on the financial statement means "General, Selling, and Administrative" expenses. These are the expenses associated with the actual market operations of the firm (i.e., ge ( Full Answer )
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What does the gsa do?

The General Services Administration, formed in 1949, in the agency's own words, "leverages the buying power of the federal government to acquire best value for taxpayers and o ( Full Answer )
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What does having a gsa contract mean?

A GSA Contract is a federal multiple-award contract through the General Services Administration. There is a training program which can give you good guidance located at http:/ ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of a gsa silver vase?

Many of the vases are valued in price close to $100 each. The exactamount for the vase will depend upon the exact vase and itscondition.
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What is an airline GSA?

GSA = General Sales Agent. An airline GSA is a third party - usually a travel agent - that provides marketing and sales services to an airline under the airline's brand, us ( Full Answer )
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What does hl-dt-st DVD-ram gsa-h55n mean?

As far my knowledge it is the device name of LG DVD Writer. In this HL stands for Hitachi Limited., or Hitachi-LG DT - Disk Techlonology ST - Storage Technology (Derived from ( Full Answer )
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What does GSA on an old hand mirror mean?

Could it be military or government issue that was handed down or became government surplus? Government Services Administration?
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What does mean GSA in hotel industry?

GSA in hotel industry means Guest Service Associate... I never heard of this! It usually means General Sales Agent
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How do you apply for gsa?

If you're talking GSA Schedule or GSA Contract, the following wouldapply: To get a GSA Contract (aka GSA Schedule, GSA MAS, GSA FSS), youprepare a proposal in response to one ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a GSA contract?

The direct answer is you submit an acceptable GSA contract proposal in response to one of GSA's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitations. You can find the solicitations by ( Full Answer )
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Who buys from GSA contracts?

General Service Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts (aka GSA Contracts or GSA Schedules) are open to all federal agencies plus some state and local ag ( Full Answer )
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Is the Ibanez GSA 60 a good guitar for neoclassical and power metal solos?

I am an Ibanez guy. They are all I own. I have a GSA60. It's funny, the thing sounds a lot like my SV5470. Also, heavier string will get you a lot closer to the tone you will ( Full Answer )
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If you have your gsa schedule what do we do now?

You'll need to market your contract. If you are a small business,contact the small business utilization office at the differentfederal agency locations you want to target.
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What does GSA silver mean?

GSA is an acronym for General Services Administration. Established in 1949, the General Services Administration, an independent agency of the United States government, was cre ( Full Answer )
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Was does gsa mol mean?

Maximum Order Limit. Basically it is interchangeable with MOT or Maximum Order Thereshold. It is the price at which you GSA schedule pricing no longer applies and becomes a ne ( Full Answer )
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What is GSA approved?

It probably means you've been awarded a GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) contract. GSA "approves" contractors for different GSA "Schedules" and having a contract number gives ( Full Answer )
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What office products does GSA Advantage offer?

GSA Advantage offers top of the line, Eco-friendly office furniture. They offer the best warranty in the industry and they are the best place to go to find office furniture.
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How does one improve gsa advantage?

You can improve your gsa advantage by adding more information, graphics, and more. Use less words and more pictures to help sell your product. This will help you bring in more ( Full Answer )
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What does the abbreviation GSA stand for?

GSA is an acronym for many agencies. For example, Girl Scouts of America and the Geological Society of America use the abbreviation. While searcing for this term the user must ( Full Answer )
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What does the GSA Schedules Program provide?

The GSA Schedules Program provides contractors with the ability to already be pre-approved vendors within the government. This means that a company is already accepted as a r ( Full Answer )
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Where is it possible to learn about GSA auctions?

It is possible to learn about GSA auctions in a few websites. They would include the official website, GSA and About. One can email the company at the official website.
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Where can one obtain GSA contracts?

GSA contracts can be found at GSA Federal Contracts which offer a listing as well as ways to get the best deal on a GSA contract or at Get Started Up.
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Where can one view GSA per diem rates?

GSA per diem rates are available directly on the GSA website. The appropriate page can be found in the "per diem" section within "travel and relocation policy" within "policy ( Full Answer )