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Is there an easy way to remove baseboards without damaging the gyp-rock wall?

Answer . Baseboards are tough because the installation may have called for not only nails, but glue as well. After the install, a bead of caulk is run along the top to hid ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word gyp or gip as in my knee is giving me gip today It means pain or discomfort but where does it come from?

Per the Free Online Dictionary at the following URL: gyp or gip . Noun give someone gyp Brit, Austral & NZ slang to cause ( Full Answer )
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What is gyp-crete?

"Gyp-Crete ® ", a mixture gypsum, Portland cement, and sand, is a building material used as a floor underlayment which is commonly used during construction for: . Floor l ( Full Answer )
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What is GYP medium?

GYP medium is a Glucose Yeast Peptone medium used for the growth of certain bacteria. It typically comprises of glucose, yeast, peptone, Na-acetate and salt solutions in diffe ( Full Answer )
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Why did Amelia call her husband GYP?

GYP was no honorific title, that"s for sure. she somehow saw this as a satiric way of getting back at what she thought was( before his time) as sort of Big Brother or maybe Ph ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gyp Rosetti?

Gyp Rosetti is a main character gangster in the show "Boardwalk Empire". He is played by Bobby Cannavale. I think that the 'asker' wants to know if there was a real life G ( Full Answer )