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How do you ge corsola Pokemon Sapphire?

Go to Ever Grande City and either surf, dive, or use a Super Rod to get one. But be careful! Corsola's are tough to catch! :D
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What is 14k GE?

If something if 14k, it is 14 karat gold. The GE portion would meanthat part of the jewelry is not solid gold.
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How did soccer ge t its name?

Well, the story goes like this: When a follower of As soc iation Football(soccer) was asked what he did, he said, "I'm a soccer." He said that in order to avoid the confusi ( Full Answer )
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What is GE money?

GE Money is a scam! Don't fall for it. It's only good for buying light bulbs. It is a difficult company to deal with - knowing it belongs to General Electric. Does it have a c ( Full Answer )
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What is a GE valve?

A GE valve is a valve that is designed and marketed by the companycalled GE Energy. The company produces a wide range of valves alongwith other appliances and tools.
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Who is owner of GE?

General Electric is a publically owned corporation. This means that it is owned (in part) by a series of share-holders. Currently (June '12) GE has about 10.6 million shares o ( Full Answer )
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What words have ge in them?

gentle. geld. gelding. bridge. stage. genuine. gel. germ. gerbil. get. gem. gear. geese. cage. page. pledge. forge. edge. wedge. wage. badge. dodge. foli ( Full Answer )
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Is GE into bombs?

I don't think they make bombs or the fin kit that go with them. I do know that they created the GAU-8 (30mm) that goes on the front of the A-10.
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What does GE stand for?

GE stands for General Electric, a manufacturer who makes several different appliances, both large to small.
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How do you ge what you want from her?

Love and respect. Although your question is so vague that it is impossible to understand what you are referring to, "her" could be a female you know or even mother nature, bu ( Full Answer )
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What is a you we-ge board?

a ghost board learns you how to talk to a ghost. you ask the board something you type it and it tells you how to say it. for example you asked the board how to tell a ghost wa ( Full Answer )
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Who compute with GE?

Well the Grand Exchange is the most popular place in all runescape. Theirs no more shouting out looking for a specific item anymore.
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How do you ge cut in Pokemon emerald?

TO get Cut go to rustboro city deafet Roxxane in a gym battle the go to all the houses and talk to everybody you see
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How do you ge rid of stomic fat?

Doing sit ups helps for sure, it's good for you, and it will work your stumoch, and burn off the fat. If you cant do sit ups, try a diet, (NO cakes, NO yogerts, and, try to la ( Full Answer )
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What word did you get from the latin word 'ge'?

There is no common Latin word 'ge.' But Ancient Greek has a word γῆ ge which means earth. From this we get words such as geography or geology and other such words co ( Full Answer )
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Electron configuration of Ge?

Germanium has atomic no. 32. Its electronic configuration is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 6 4s 2 3d 10 4p 2 .
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Does Samsung make appliances for GE?

Yes, Samsung does make appliances and parts for major appliance makers and manufacturers such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, and even Danby and Panasonic. Samsung makes the wash ( Full Answer )
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How do you get items quickly on RuneScape ge?

Each item has a market price (this is the average price of sales during the day or so before the last GE update). You can buy at the market price, or you can usually go up and ( Full Answer )
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How do you ge rid of a ingrown toenail?

You let it grow out. You might want to did in and get it. All of mine are infected, so I have to pop it. And it burst like hell.
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Who is initial ge?

initial ge is a rapper he makes rap music an his real name is guy Gibson and he is from the northwest in England near Blackpool
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Where is ge in RuneScape classic?

It doesn't exist. The Grand Exchange was an update in Runescape 2 (the current Runescape), so there is no G.E. in Runescape Classic.
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How does the GE in Runescape work?

The G.E (grand exchange) is just a big marketplace for buying and selling pretty much any item. Talk to the grand exchange tutor who is near the entrance if you want to know h ( Full Answer )
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When was GE founded?

GE was founded in 1892 by a merger between two companies; . Edison General Electric; founded in 1890 by Thomas Edison in Schenectady, NY. . Thomson-Houston Company; founded ( Full Answer )
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When did Jeffrey Immelt start with GE?

Jeff Immelt started with GE in 1982 right after his graduation from Harvard's Masters program. I couldn't find what his position was but it was in the corporate office in Fair ( Full Answer )
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Is GE a conglomerate?

Yes, GE is technically a conglomerate. The definition of a conglomerate is any company who has two or more unrelated businesses run by one corporate governance. In fact, GE is ( Full Answer )
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Who were the CEO's of GE?

2001 - Curr. : Jeff R. Immelt 1981 - 2001 : John F. (Jack) Welch 1972 - 1981 : Reginald H. Jones 1963 - 1972 : Fred J. Borch 1958 - 1963 : Ralph J. Cordiner 1945 - 4 ( Full Answer )
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Who was criminal Carl Ges?

he was a imagrate from a different state and they had planned to hang him and when they went to hang him he was gone and they have not seen him up to today
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Is a GE T7 bulb similar to a GE T8?

The "T" number indicates the number of 1/8th of an inch in diameter. A T7 would be 7/8" diameter, and T8 would be 8/8 or one inch in diameter. But from what I can tell, the le ( Full Answer )
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What is GE in reports?

It depends on how it is used in a report, but it probably refers to "Gross Earnings". Please define your question further if you want to be sure.
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Do GE parts only work on GE appliances?

"GE which is the acronym for General Electric is a global brand company that produces various range of products. There parts are custom made for their products and thus, cant ( Full Answer )
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What is GE Healthcare?

GE Healthcare is healthcare provided GE Technology Infrastructure. More than 46,000 people can be employed. GE Healthcare has many products that include medical imaging and in ( Full Answer )