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Why do you have hair?

Scientists believe that human hair is meant to protect out skin from ultraviolet light, a potential cause of skin cancer.. Anthropologists have proposed that originally out ha ( Full Answer )
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What does hair conditoner do for your hair?

Conditioning your hair after you wash it helps to keep your strands healthy. It helps to tame it and make it more manageable. It adds to the natural moisture and gives shine, ( Full Answer )
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How do you do your hair?

Curls are beautiful especially if you have a heart shaped face. Straightened hair looks really nice to if you have a heart shaped face you can also crimp it curl it put it in ( Full Answer )
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What is hair?

Hair is the long, thin and soft stuff that grows in many places onyour body. . It is that and also much more. Hair is dead cells. Up to 5%,hair is elastic. This is due to th ( Full Answer )
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How can you do your hair?

That's a really broad question... I't depends on what the occasion is. You can make waves with a curling iron, shirly temple curls, beach curls, braid it, straighten it, crimp ( Full Answer )
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Who is Hair?

nobody is hair. hair grows on the top of your head, some people dont have hair on their head, this means there bald > Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical ; see lin ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get hair?

You can get human hair at any wig store. If you want hair extensions you can get them at a beauty supply store such as Chatters
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How do you get the hair you get?

well if your mom or dad deside they would like to cut it when you are young without your desision, it will be short for a long time. it they deside you will be with no haircut ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with your hair?

well...with my hair i normally leave it down and natural...but it depends on the hair...i have really really long,straight, naturally blonde hair...the most you can do is to t ( Full Answer )
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How do i get hairs?

Body hair grows throughout puberty and will continue right up until you're 21 for intimate hair. If you're a boy, chest and stomach hair start growing as late as your 20's!
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What is in a hair?

there is 3 sections to hair 1. cuticle (outer part) 2. cortex 3. medulla (center)
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Why do have hair?

Hair deals mainly with heat. The brain is particularly sensitive to heat. Hair on the skin can trap air to keep heat in, or keep perspiration near the skin to take heat as it ( Full Answer )
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What does hair do?

Mainly, it keeps you warm.. because it's pretty(sometimes). It traps heat in the body when it's cold and lets heat out when it's warm.. ------------------------------------ ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in your hair?

Look inside your split ends, is the only way i can think of. Or if you have long hair, flip your hair in front of your face. Then voila. You're inside your hair lol
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If no hair on a what do you do?

If you do not have hair the best thing that you can do is to wear a wig. Wigs made from indian remy human hair can be natural and attractive. . ( Full Answer )
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What do hair dressings give the hair?

Try this cream called "Baby Don't Be Bald" but make sure you wash your hands right after because you could grow hair and also rub it on your scalp and it will grow quick and m ( Full Answer )
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Dying your hair can it detox your hair?

over time, if you constantly colour/dye your hair, it can cause hair loss and eventually baldness (that includes all hair on your body).
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Is hair mousse bad for hair?

hair mousse is not bad for the hair only if you add just a spoon of it and you take care of your hair.
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Is doll hair real hair?

Some doll hair is, according to where you get it from. Like barbie doll hairs are fake but if you get a really expensive doll hair it can be real.not even
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Is dying your hair good for your hair?

Depending on the kind of hair color you use, it can actually improve the texture of your hair. And coloring your hair a lighter shade (bleaching it) can cause damage or drynes ( Full Answer )
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Brazilian hair or Indian hair?

Indian hair.depends on your nationality.Brazilian hair works better for african americans because it blends better with their hair texture
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Is hair spray healthy for your hair?

It depends what type, but hairspray has a lot of alchohol. No, hairspray is not healthy for your hair.
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How do you get red hair dye out of your hair?

Dye it another color or let it cOne out by its self or right after getting it it come out the Wong color wash it out fast with a strong shampoo
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What can you do for your hair?

Some time wash it and brush to make it clean. Your hair have to look beautiful and you have to take care of every day.
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How do you put hair curlers in your hair?

Right, separate your hair into an even amount of sections. Then get a section and wrap it around your curler. Secure the curler with 1 or 2 cirbi grips. Repeat according to ho ( Full Answer )
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Is it hair or hairs?

Can be either dependent upon usage. She had brown hair. He had a few grey hairs. unless you are talking about all your hair then it is just hair and if you are reading th ( Full Answer )
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What is in hair?

Hair has many different things in it. Hair dye, hair spray, gel? Anything you could think of. But hair is made out of dead skin cells and other dead cells. Think of it as "ren ( Full Answer )
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Why does it has hair?

Something might have hair because it is a mammal, or because of a medical condition. Can you please specify? What or who do you mean by the word 'it' in your sentence?
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How do you get this hair?

I am a boy who is a somali i have white men hair if you want to get the hair first,try keeping your hair washed with shamppo everyday,comb it ,when your hair is long idk
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What does the hair do for you?

Hair can help you in ways such as " If you need to donate hair to a cancer survivor".
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What is hair-?

The official definition of the word hair is "any of the finethreadlike strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, andsome other animals."
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Why do we have hair?

because in the first world war the Chinese spies grew hair so they could camouflage. This is a perfect example of an adaptation to survive.