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Where is the galactic HQ?

The HQ is in Veilstone City, up the stairs on the top right corner.. veilstone city
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How do you not get banned from clubpenguin HQ?

1. dont report a penguin for fun.yeah! 2. You always follow the rules andthere sould not ever be any reason why another penguin should have to report you. (If the other pen ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Pokemon HQ boss?

You can find him when you go to the HQ and beat all of the galactic grunts and once you reach the top you will get to battle the boss.
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Where is galactic HQ in pearl?

You're going to need 7 Badges to do this. Go to Veilstone City and go to the Top right Corner and go up those big steps. Now there'll be a grunt who's in front of the door and ( Full Answer )
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Where is Apple HQ?

Apple Inc's International Headquarters are in Cupertino, California. Address: 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014 Tel: 408-996-1010
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Where is the HQ of Nike?

The HQ of Nike is in the city of Grand Island,Nebraska . The HQ of Nike is in Grand Island,Nebraska
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Where is the Nintendo HQ?

Nintendo is a large company, so it has a lot of Headquarters. The two main HQs are located in: . Kyoto, Japan . Redmond, Washington, USA
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Were is masterchef HQ?

master chiefs head quarters is in the mission crows nest. . 15 Bastwick Street, London EC1V 3PE
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How do you get to the HQ in cp?

u have 2 pass the test 2 become a "secret agent" and u have to b 30 days old 2 b able 2

Where is the NCIS HQ?

NCIS headquarters is on the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC. The address is: Washington Navy Yard 716 Sicard Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20388-5380 which has moved to ( Full Answer )
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Where is the EU's HQ?

The European Union has its headquarters in the Berlaymont Building in Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium.
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How do you get to bossbot HQ?

Okay. if your talking I don't know where anything is: Go to Donald's dock ( if your in Berg go down walrus road, if daisy gardens maple street and if Toontown central punchlin ( Full Answer )
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Where is roblox HQ?

to get in to roblox HQ go to Google and type in roblox HQ in roblox HQ you can check out your level see who is the greatest noob etc.
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What is HQ in YouTube?

it just makes the screen that is kind of blurry to clear. it helps a lot
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Where is the rockhoppers HQ?

Rock hoppers HQ is in ... if you would like to know the answer please give me a members user name and password tell ninja gatyh at the ninja hide out .remember go there when k ( Full Answer )
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Where is WWE HQ?

WWE headquarters is located in stamford, Connecticut if you want an exact address check wikipedia or if you want to visit. go to for a free map there from your lo ( Full Answer )
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Where is the othersiders HQ?

well, they say it is in calafornia but we don't know yet. you should at least search on the othersiders website. sorry.

Where is the HQ of the FBI?

The J. Edgar Hoover Building is located in Washington, D.C., and is the FBI headquarters.
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What is rune HQ?

RuneHQ ( is a friendly up-to-date and complete fan site for players of RuneScape, the massive multi-player online game. RuneHQ contains forums, guides, quest ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to HQ in Club Penguin?

you go on club penguin then someone will send you a letter and it will say go to the telephone shop go there then you do a mission but only if you get a letter.
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Is there a secret room in xgen HQ?

yes there is a secret room but you have to have the Nintendo DS game and use your penguin to upload coins and i know that because i tried it and it works
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Where is the HQ on mysims agents?

You go to the train station and click on it. It will ask you if you want to go to the HQ. Click the check and it will take you there.
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Clubpenguin cheats how to get in the closet in the HQ?

There are two ways. The first ay is to get the EPF game for Nintendo DS with the secret command room card and enter the code. You will now be able to go in there. The second w ( Full Answer )
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Where is the HQ in clubpenguin?

The HQ is a secret room which can only be located by secret agents. This room is located in the Winter Sport shop, enter the first dressing room and you will be loaded into th ( Full Answer )
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What will the new HQ be on Club Penguin?

The new HQ in club penguin will be in the ski village where the winter sport shop was it will have a phone in the building enter take the test if you past go up the elevator t ( Full Answer )
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Where do you go after the galactic HQ?

go to oreburgh city go up where the mudslide is at use your bike go right if you see a cave go in go up use surf then rock climb go inside this place and go to the spear pilla ( Full Answer )
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Where is the HQ on clubpenguin?

You need to be an epf agent. Then go into the vr room. hologram controlls are at the top of the screen.
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Where is the Blackberry HQ?

If you mean the HQ of the company that made the BlackBerry (RIM), I believe that it is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I could be wrong though.
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How do you get to animaljam HQ?

you go all of the way to the bottom of the page when your playing and click contact us... I'm pretty sure this is how you do it
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How do you get to WWE HQ?

when your welcomed there , get a pass , get a tour, or even if you become a wwe wrestler
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Where is the HQ for Autoverhuur?

It appears that there are various headquarters for the Autoverhuur car rental company. The most well-known seems to be the one located in Mexico City, Mexico, though there ar ( Full Answer )