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Habbo Log in to Habbo?

that question doesnt make sence, if you are looking for a log in - create an account.
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Is Habbo a virus?

No, it is an online chat-room for teenagers. and adults but more kids.But i know adults will like to play it because you can do everything on that website.
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On Habbo how do you get credits?

You can purchase Habbo credits by going to Habbo. Please be alert that there are no possible ways of cheating at Habbo. Never give out your details such as your username and p (MORE)
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How do you get Habbo coins?

It depends on the Habbo site you are at. is the USA. And most of them are the same :) You can order Habbo Credits there. Alternatively, if you are asking (MORE)
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What do you do on habbo?

Habbo Hotel is a 2-dimentional pixel chat community created by Sulake Labs. There are many different Habbo Hotels from different countries. You can join the one in UK, Sweden, (MORE)
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How do you found your Habbo id on Habbo?

To find your ID you can go to the homepage and in the top-left corner of your screen will display your virtual character! If you click on your charactar when in-game it wil (MORE)
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How do you get to habbo?

To get to habbo you go to its website depending on which country you live in. USA = AUS = Then at the front page it would tell you how t (MORE)
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What is habbo for?

Meeting friends, playing games, spending your money XD . Decorating your room. . It's fun. . Why don't you search Habbo Trailer? . You'll know more about it then. .
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Do you have a habbo?

yea i have habbo its nanananbatman534 oh and mine is hiphopchelsey -smiles- enjoy habbo yea i dont play it any more more AND MINE IS CALLED KCUK202 i dont play it cuz i fo (MORE)
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How do you get a habbo id on Habbo Hotel?

If you havent already made a habbo google habbo and click on REGESTER FOR FREE. Once you have made your habbo,where you enter your username,instead type in your email and (MORE)
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How do you get in habbo?

first you must open a new window,then you have to type in next when the page loadfs if you don't have a habbo already then go to register.make your habbo and th (MORE)
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Is Habbo for adults?

It is for teenagers but I did find of a 27 year old on habbo. So I think adults can join too!
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Are there cheates on Habbo?

There are no hacks or cheats for Habbo. I am most likely guessing they are programs that have malware hidden within. There are commands and such like that and the closest I th (MORE)
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Where is the homephone in Habbo?

Habbo Dont Have A HomePhone Number Published If You Need Help With Anythink You Need To Go To The Faq's And Submit A Question.
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How do you do emotions on Habbo?

Well To Do Emotions On Habbo Is Easy, If You Know What Emotions To Do On Your Instant Messenger. :) = Smile :D = Smile :( = Frown Look On Habbo Fansites For (MORE)
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How do you have a baby on Habbo?

You literally don't. You can, however, adopt another player. There are now lots of adoption centres in Habbo Hotel. So, you cant have a baby with another player just by bein (MORE)
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Does Miley Cyrus have a Habbo on Habbo?

No one but habbo can know this for definite. On habbo you may have seen that they have guest stars that go on a specific times just to meet up with people. This will usually b (MORE)
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How do you get the Habbo home phone on Habbo?

The number is 0906 900 9100. When it asks you to type a number put in the admin code. (Admin Code: 26292351) It will see the last logged on habbo and send free credits to them (MORE)
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Is Habbo for children?

It's up to the parent, and what kind of chat environment they want their children in. Habbo users are mostly older teens, and I would not advise children to access this websit (MORE)
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How do you sign out on Habbo?

You just have to click the sign out letter and then you are signed out!
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What is a Habbo card?

If you are talking about a habbo card to get credits, It is a small card you can buy in Clinton's or other "bithday or gift" stores. You get a code on the card , Enter it on h (MORE)
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Does Miranda have a Habbo?

No. I searched the Habbo name in the previous answer and it never came up. Sorry. But she does have a Facebook page.
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Does Habbo scam?

you have to pay to get rich for credits on habbo but there is a website that you can use to get free credits all you have to do is complete the surveys. here is the link to t (MORE)
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Is there pervs on Habbo?

To answer your question, their tend to not be too many Perverted people running around. Despite the filtering system, and the recommended ages to pay habbo, many adults come o (MORE)
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Habbo will not work for you?

If Habbo is having technical problems then please sign into Habbo and visit the "Help" link. There you will be able to submit a Help Request and be provided with technical hel (MORE)
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How do you use Habbo?

Habbo Hotel is an international website that teens and adult can go on and chat with other people from different places.You do not simply 'Use' habbo but enjoy what happens wi (MORE)
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How do you advertise on Habbo?

You have to contact Sulake (The creators of habbo hotel) you can get contact information on the habbo website or the sulake website.
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What are Habbo babies?

Other users that dress up as babies and pretend to be babies. Most of the time they are in an "Adoption" room and people 'adopt' them.
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Can Habbo be hacked?

Habbo is similar to any website that is on the internet. It has it's vulnerabilities, however, Sulake, the company that owns Habbo, has in place tight security measures.
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Is Habbo gambling?

no AND yes you can play games that are gambling but you dont have to
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How do you mutiply on Habbo?

click on *ME* in the bottom left corner. then a popup wiill come up, it will say options. then it will say characters or something like that, click that and u can make more ch (MORE)
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What is Habbo about?

habbo is a virtual world where you can create a character, play games, make places, and more. on average 10,000 people is on at a time. there are pixels and credits which are (MORE)
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How do you deleate your Habbo?

You cant delete your account, the only way is to be inactive and it will then delete itself
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Who is the best Habbo on Habbo Hotel?

Unforgivably, it is impossible to say / estimate the most best Habbo within the Habbo community, there are thousands of Habbo's out their and only a few have million(s) of coi (MORE)