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Is Usher Haitian?

Usher was born in the US and is said to be of Haitian descent on his father's side.
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Is Beyonce Haitian?

No, she is a Louisiana Creole. Although her parents are not fromHaiti, she may have some Haitian ancestry. After the HaitianRevolution (1791-1804), many Creoles from Saint-Dom ( Full Answer )
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Who are haitians?

Haitians are people who were born in Haiti and Haiti was found December 5 1492.i was born in Boston and both my mom and dad were born in Haiti but some of us in both of my sid ( Full Answer )
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Is nas Haitian?

Nas is not Haitian; if he has any Haitian ancestry, it is remote.His father was born in Mississippi, and his mother was born inNorth Carolina.
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Are Haitians black?

though there may be a low level of intermarriage with the colonial french, most hatians ancestors were former slaves from africa... so yes
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Are Haitians Dominican?

Haitians are not Dominicans. Haitians come from the country called Haiti, where the official languages are French and Haitian Creole. Dominicans come from the country called ( Full Answer )
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What do Haitians eat?

they eat their own naturally grown crops such as maize, potatos etc. , and trade they get from other countries
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What is a Haitian?

Haitian means from Haiti or to do with Haiti. A Haitian means to come from the country of Haiti which is in the Caribbean.
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Is Trina Haitian?

Rapper Trina is Dominican and Bahamian and she was born and raisedin Miami, Florida. She has been a professional rapper since 1998.
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Where did haitians come from?

Haitians came from west Africa (Mainly in Countries like Nigeria and Guinea). Some of the Haitians are a mix of (french people and Africans)
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Is Beyonce a Haitian and we know that usher is a Haitian?

Her parents decided on her first name as a tribute to her mother's maiden name. [6] Her maternal grandparents, Lumis Albert Beyincé and Agnéz Deréon (a seamstress ( Full Answer )
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How do Haitians live?

In poverty. they loved because they fought for their freedom this is how they lived
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Is brisco Haitian?

British Alexander Mitchell who is better known by his stage nameBrisco, is not Haitian. He was born and raised in Opa-Locka,Florida and is American.
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What was the Haitian Revolution?

The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolt in the French colony ofSaint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slaverythere and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. ( Full Answer )
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Is neyo Haitian?

I don't think so. In an interview that he had he says that he is "African-American and Chinese." the Chinese coming from his grandfather on his mother's side.
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Is maxwell Haitian?

yess hez Haitian but hez saying hez from the west Indian heritage..oo plzz man u Haitian man
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Who are the Haitian celebrits?

We have the international singer (Wyclef Jean) the General Governor of Canada (Michael Jean), the President and chief opperating officer of Nintendo of America(Réginald Fil ( Full Answer )
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What do Haitians do for fun?

people in haiti do all types of things wit it being as poor as it is ppl cant afford to have fun but theres clubs programs beaches movies retaurants or even traveling and seei ( Full Answer )
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When was Haitian revolution?

There were a series of Haitian rebellions, but only the revolution from 1791 to 1803 actually pushed the French out of the country.
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How do you curse in Haitian?

First its creole not Haitian , You'll need to adapt to the Haitian culture to finally know how to curse. Its like a Haitian person trying to learn how to curse in English. So ( Full Answer )
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Is Haitian Africa?

No, Haitian is not African. The black Haitian with mostly African hair are exslaves from Africa. But, don't forget before we ( African were brought to haiti by the white man)c ( Full Answer )
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Is timbaland Haitian?

No. Timothy Zachary Mosley is an African American and was born inVirginia on March 10, 1971 and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
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Are Haitians dirty?

HOW DARE YOU!!! That is a completely racist question! I am appalled that you actually POSTED this! You might as well say "Am I dirty?" Because we are EXACTLY like them biologi ( Full Answer )
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Are Haitians Latino?

No. Latinos are people from Spanish-speaking countries. I do think Haitian are Latinos not only Spanish speaking countries but also French and Portuguese. Most people don't s ( Full Answer )
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Is plies is Haitian?

yes Plies is of Haitian descent. There are a number of Haitian immigrants who came to Florida around the early 1900s and assimilated in American culture so that's probly why h ( Full Answer )
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Are Haitians everywhere?

Haitians are found in many nations in the world. Most are found inthe United States and other places in the Caribbean and of courseon Haiti.
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Why do Haitians immigrate?

You probably mean "migrate". Well Haitians come to America because they are looking for better opportunities for them and/or their families. They want to be able to have more ( Full Answer )
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Is tyga haitian?

Yes hes half haitian and ya should know that he told my freind he brother a stage manager.
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Where did the Haitian earthquake hit the hardest?

The US Geological Survey provide a contour map of earthquake intensity for the earthquake that occurred on the 12th of January, 2010. This indicates that the highest intensity ( Full Answer )
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Why are Haitians black?

Are you serious. They're black because they originally came from Africa. The dominicans they share the island with weren't brought there by slavery, they're native to the isla ( Full Answer )
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What are Haitian dances?

The most common dances Haitians do are called KOMPA and ZOUK. They are upbeat and fast-tempo songs and dances. Its similar so salsa and other types of Spanish dances.
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What do Haitian religion?

Haiti is majority Christian, but many Haitians also practice Voodoo. (It is not common to practice both Christianity and Voodooism)
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What is Haitian voodoo?

Just don't do this. It is the influence of demons. You go to hell after.