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Who is Hans lippershey?

he was the one who acctually invented TELESCOPE but the name "telescope" was given by Galileo BY-SHREY SAXENA [CSI] .
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Who is Hans Gross?

Answer . Hans Gross Hans Groß (Gross, Grosz), or Hanns Groß (December 12, 1847, Graz - December 9, 1915, Graz) was an Austrian criminal jurist and an examining magistr ( Full Answer )
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Who is Han Solo?

Han Solo is from Corellia. He is a smuggler and mercenary in the"Star Wars" universe.
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What is the han dynasty?

The Han Dynasty was the greatest dynasty in Chinese history. It lasted from 206BC to 9 AD, then from 22 AD to 220 AD. It had the most influence to today China's culture.
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Who is Julian Hans?

Julian Hans was born in Paris,21, he is a french rugby player, plays for the National French rugby team, one of few sportsman to pose for the Dieux du Stade calender.
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What are Han monuments?

The Great Wall of China is one of Han dynasty's monuments. It isChina's legendary defense of line and the country's major historicmonument.
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Who was Hans Lippershey?

Hans Lippershey, also known as Jan or Hans Lippersheim, was born around 1570 (exact date unknown) in Wesel, western Germany. After settling in the Netherlands, he became a mak ( Full Answer )
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What did the Han Dynasty do?

i have been having the same problem but heres what i got. The Han Dynasty lasted officially from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D. but there were kind of two Han dynastys because a rebe ( Full Answer )
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Who is han wudi?

Han Wudi is another ruler in the Han Dynasty, he brought many changes in the government
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Who is diao han?

What is bcstec? BCSTE IS A SCHOOL IN BAYAWAN CITY, PHILIPPINES. Follow them on twitter at
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Who are the Han Chinese?

there are 56 ethnic groups in china, and the Hans is one of them. han Chinese is the main race in china .their population is over 90% of Chinese population.
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Who is Hans oersted?

He is a Danish Scientist and was giving a lecture in Copenhagen to try and show there was no connection between electricity and magnetism.
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What is the surname for Hans?

Hans is a very common German first name. There is never a specific last name for a given first name.
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Who is Hans Geiger?

Hans Geiger, along with Ernest Rutherford, invented the Geiger counter, which is a detector for ionizing radiation. Use the links below for more information.
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What is han purple?

it is a purple Chinese dress. Han=dress. Purple=color Please go to wiki or, Han purple is some kind of color developed by the Chinese 2000+ years ago, and very f ( Full Answer )
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Who was Hans Asperger?

Hans Asperger was one of the first persons to study and describe characteristics of autism. Unfortunately, though his work was published in 1944, it was originally written in ( Full Answer )
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Who is Hans Harling?

A famous singer. Not quite. He is a scenekid who's modeling and making his own music and post it on his Myspace and Youtube.
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Is han a jedi?

In the movie "A New Hope" (IV) Han tells Luke:. "Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything t ( Full Answer )
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When was the han dynast?

The Han Dynast was a dynasty in ancient china. it went from 200 BC to 200 CE. You can learn more about it on go to ancient china then Han dynasty tons of info.
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Who is Hans Zimmer?

He is a music composer. He's famous for writing movie scores. Hans Zimmer is a well-known composer for films and film trailers. Some of his work includes the soundtracks for ( Full Answer )
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Who is Hans Heysen?

Sir (Hans) Wilhelm Ernst Hans Franz Heysen , OBE (8 October 1877-2 July 1968) was a well-known German Australian artist . He was particularly recognised for his watercol ( Full Answer )
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What does Hans stand for?

In the field of auto racing, HANS stands for Head and Neck Support.It's a device fittied to drivers to help prevent whiplash or brokennecks. It isolates that region of the bod ( Full Answer )
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What was the han capital?

The first capital of the Han Dynasty was Chang'an, present day Xi'an. The second was Luoyang. 2loserzhaha says: The third was Xuchang... but only for a short period of time ( Full Answer )
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What did Hans Selye do?

He administrated 'noxious' agents to rats, to see if there was a physiological response. All of them had a physiological response. It is known as 'general adaptation syndrom ( Full Answer )
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Who Is Hans Delbrook?

Name given as the preferred name of the man Dr. Frankenstein wanted to use in his monster creation in the Gene Wilder written film "Young Frankenstein"
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Who was Hans Selye?

Hans Selye, a Canadian scientist (1907-1982), noticed that people who suffered from chronic illness or disease showed some of the same symptoms. Selye related this to stress a ( Full Answer )
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Who was Han Asparukh?

The conqurer who reached 'todays Bulgarian soil' coming somewhere from mid Asia or altai mountains... crossed Danube and the Stara Planina (The Balkan mountains).. and obstacl ( Full Answer )
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Who is ahmed Hans?

He's that one guy from that one country on that one planet in that one solar system in that one universe. Hope this helped ;)
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Who was han in Naruto?

In the manga, as well as the anime, Han was a shinobi from Imagakure "The Hidden Rock Village" who was the Jinchurikki " Human Sacrifice Vessel "of the Five- Tailed Dolphin Ho ( Full Answer )
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What was the Tokumu Han?

"Special Section" in the Fourth Department (Communications) of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff in WW2 operated in the Navy Ministry building in Tokyo.
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Who is Hans Gerschwiler?

Hans Gerschwiler (born 21 June 1920) is a Swiss former figure skater. He is the 1948 Olympic silver medalist.
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What is Hans Raj Hans known for?

Hans Raj Hans is a well-known, Punjabi singer from India. Many of his songs can be found on the soundtracks of popular Bollywood films. According to the Times of India, Hans R ( Full Answer )
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Who is the han empire?

The Han Empire was the empire of the Chinese Han imperial dynasty ( 206 BC-220 AD)
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What has the author Hans Hans written?

Hans Hans has written: 'Frankin Jefferson and the English radicals at the end of the eighteenth century'
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What were Hans goals?

To save Princess Leia and get paid so he could pay back Jabba theHutt all the while not getting killed by bounty hunters.