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Why Can't I Insert Camera Memory Card?

Answer . Well we are going to need more info what kind of camera is it what is its model number what kind of memory dose it use but here are a few things you can try make (MORE)
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How do you un lock a write protected sdhc memory card?

The card itself should have a little slide feature on the edge to protect from accidental deletion. Move the slide feature forward or backward whichever is the case to lock or (MORE)
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How do you insert a memory card into a blackberry pearl?

This is what sucks about the pearl. I know if you have t-mobile you can do this im not for sure about any other carrier. But you have to take out the battery and theres a meta (MORE)
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How do you insert memory card in PC?

It must have slot on the front to add the card or you can buy a card reader and conect it to the coumputer by USB
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Where do you insert the memory card?

It depends in what? In a phone it's usually in the back near where the sim goes. In a camera it's usually at the side and in games consoles it varies, if you cant see an obvi (MORE)
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Memory card error how do you fix it my sandisk sdhc card?

tengo una tarjeta sdhc sandisk de 32 gb de calidad 10 y no me funciona. En la cámara de video SONY X1 me pone el siguiente dialogo: the tarjet wil be repaird. Intento forma (MORE)
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Can you insert a SD card into your PC?

Yes, if your computer has a SD slot to put into the SD card. If not, then you could buy a simple adapter that connects through a USB and then you can connect your SD card. I b (MORE)
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How do you insert a memory card into a laptop?

Open the disk tray. Pull the disk tray out of the track - it will seem as if it won't come out, but just pull firmly and it will slide out. If it's not coming, apply some down (MORE)
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How do you insert a memory card into an iPhone?

You don't. None of the iPhones have an expandable memory slot for MicroSD cards or any variant. You will need to just get a phone with bigger memory or stop buying Apple produ (MORE)
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Where can I purchase a Sandisk 8gb card?

Almost any electronics store carries various memory cards and flash drives. Your best bet is to go to Best Buy or Radio Shack first, and then try on line at sites like Amazon. (MORE)