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What is another name for space science?

Astronomy Astrography Astrolithology Astrometry, Astrophysics, Selenology, Sky-watching, Stargazing, Uranology Astrochemistry Rocket Science. Astronomy.
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What book is lost in space based?

In a very loose sense- The Swiss Family Robinson, but this is like saying that, the comedic novel ( Five little Starrs on the Canal Zone) was accurate reportage about the surv (MORE)
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What is the name of nasas most famous space telescope?

The first large space telescope was the Hubble, and it's probably still the most famous one. But a LOT of the new and exciting work being done is using the Kepler Space Telesc (MORE)

Why does NASA go to space?

To study how the universe works, and to possibly travel to another planet should something happen to Earth. Also, to search for life in space, and to develop new tools and (MORE)
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What are names of space shuttles from NASA?

The names of the space shuttles are: Columbia, Enterprise, Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour. And here is some interesting information about each one: Columb (MORE)
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What does the name astrid mean not in science space?

Astrid is either a Scandinavian or Danish name, and the meanings differ depending on the origin. The Scandinavian meaning is Unusual beauty and strength. The Danish meaning i (MORE)