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Kodak memory card and a canon A540 digital camera you have flipped the switch on all 4 cards many times and it is still saying it is locked how do you unlock them they were working perfectly until you?

The first thing to check is the locking switch on the side of the card, making sure it is in the upward (toward the contacts) unlocked position. If you've already tried this, (MORE)
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Where can you purchase Canon camera memory cards?

acually, it isn't a "canon camera memory card." you need to chech what kind of memory card it is, most likely it will be an SD memory card, and you can purchase those at prett (MORE)
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How do you unlock a Canon SD memory card?

on the side of the memory card there is a little like...i don't know, thing,, and its a different colr the the memory card and it's on the top corner of one side of the memory (MORE)
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How do you unlock memory card of 6300?

SOS but you can't so what i suggest is you buy a new sim card they are only £1 in the argos cataloge or just simply buy a new phone k
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How do you unlock sd memory card?

Its pretty simple just format your sd card with NOKIA N95 and it wont ask for your password again.
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How To Unlock A Memory Card?

Memory cards typically contain a small switch. One of the switchesstates will lock the memory card, preventing data from beingwritten, erased, or changed on it. The other stat (MORE)
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How do you unlock a write protected memory card?

What you do is you take your memory card out of the camera. Go to the left side of the card and if you see a little grey bit and slide it upwards then put the memory back in c (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Canon memory card?

A canon memory card for your camera can be purchase at ebay or amazon or even at their corporate canon website. You may also try target or walmart stores.
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Where can one find Canon memory cards?

One can find Canon memory cards at big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. One can also find Canon memory cards at drugstores such as Walgreen and Shopper's Drug Mart. T (MORE)