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Why is a cool down important after exercise?

because it relaxes your muscles A cooldown is important because it allows your heart to return to normality gradually without shocking the body
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What are the importance of warm up exercises?

Extremely important - they get the muscles lubricated, stretched and supple for the harder activities that will follow warm up excercises, not doing them and you can end up wi (MORE)
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How important are warm-up and cool-down exercise?

you need to stretch before sport or games because: muscles work best when they are warm, a sudden stretching of cold can damage it, it is best to warm up with stretching ex (MORE)
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Why is it important to warm up before exercise?

A warm up is the act of preparing for an athletic event or workoutby exercising or practicing for a short time beforehand. Warming uphelps reduce your risk of injury and the a (MORE)
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Why is it important to cool down after exercise?

It is important to cool down after exercise so that you do not hurtyourself. Cooling down after exercise allows your muscles to adaptto a new less-stressful motion.
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Warm-up and cool-down exercises help avoid muscle damage and soreness?

Warm up One of the common misconceptions in fitness exercises is that "stretching is warm-up." Stretching is a very important part of warm-up exercises, but it is "not warm- (MORE)
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What is the importance of warming up and warming down in swimming?

Like any physical activity it is important to warm up prior to exercise and warm down following. Warming up will stretch and warm the muscles up thus preventing pulling or (MORE)
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Differentiate warm-up exercise and cool-down exercise?

When you wamr up you want to bring your heart rate slowly up while stretching out the muscles, waking them up, getting them ready for a work out. When you cool down you want t (MORE)
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What exercises should be included during warm-up and cool-down times?

walking and stretching According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a warm-up should consist of two key components the intensity of which should be determined by the (MORE)
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Why is a cool down routine as important as a warm up routine?

The" cool down" phase is important because it allows the body to properly recover from the strenuous demands put to it.Specifically it lowers the heart rate down to a level wh (MORE)
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Why is variety important for an exercise program?

Variety is important in an exercise program because the body getsadapts to the same exercises being done over and over again. Also,variety makes it more interesting for partic (MORE)
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Why is it important to ease into an exercise program?

So you don't shock your body. Doing a high intensity workout with muscles who are aren't accustomed to using can make you very sore, and if you continue to work out at the sam (MORE)