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What is the difference between active duty and reserves in the army?

Active Duty sends you after a short while of time to a certain place after training. While Reserves sends you after a certain time depending on how long you signed up. [ex. My (MORE)
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In order to get credit for military service time applied to my pension at Voice of America I need proof of income for the two years of active duty and four years of active reserve Where do you go?

You could contact your last command, and their personell people will probably be able to direct you. Another way, and probably quicker, is to contact the IRS and request a cop (MORE)
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Can you switch active to reserve duty marines?

Probably not. It's extremely hard just switching from a reservist to active duty, I've heard guys that we're waiting more than 14 months to make the switch to active and are s (MORE)
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Can you go from air force active duty to air force reserve?

Yes. With the installation of new programs, the Air Force is able to switch any airman that wishes to crossover to any other service from any other service component. This in (MORE)
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Im a single mother who is going to join the army as an active duty soldier and the father of your child is a reserve soldier but doesnt support your son what do you do?

Check with your recruiter. For one, you may have a problem with both of you joining since the military doesn't like to put children in a situation where they could potentiall (MORE)
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Can you go from army active duty to army reserve?

Sure, but only at the end of your enlistment contract - you can't terminate your active duty contract to be in the Army Reserve, but you can enlist into the Army Reserve after (MORE)
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Can you go from airforce active duty to navy active duty?

With few special exceptions, no. You would have to complete your Air Force contract first. As for the exceptions, we'd be talking about something like attending and completi (MORE)
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Is reserve considered active duty?

Only if you come down on orders for activation. Although reserve forces are generally part time, there are full time personnel within the reserve components.
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Will your army reserve rank switch over to active duty?

For lower enlisted, yes, as those are automatic promotions based on time in service. So, if you're a Specialist or lower, you shouldn't lose rank. If you're going to the Regul (MORE)
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How do you go from air guard to active duty?

You will need to talk to your Shop Chief or Commanding Officer, they will walk you through the steps to make the change. You could also contact your local recruiter and ask ab (MORE)
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Can you do active duty and reserve at the same time?

No. You can only serve in one branch and component at a time. Even State Guard forces won't accept anyone who is currently a member of the federal military, whether it be in a (MORE)
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Can you wear reserve ribbons on active duty uniform?

You're thinking of ribbons such as the Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon? Yes, you can, as long as they are DA authorised awards. However, states also have their own (MORE)
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Is air force reserve considered active duty?

Only if you get assigned to an AGR slot or are activated on orders (such as Title 10). If you're only doing monthly UTAs and your Annual Training, you're not on active duty - (MORE)