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What do you know about sex?

Sex is okay to have once you are a sensible age because even wearing protection you can still have a baby.

What do you know about animals?

They are a group of multicellular, Eukaryotic Organisms that are part of the family of Animalia, also known as Metazoa. Almost all animals become fixed as the develop, and som (MORE)
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Do animals know that sex leads to babies?

Given that some people seem to be unaware of the connection, it is doubtful. With the long slow development of pregnancy and the shortness and frequency of sex it is unlikel (MORE)

How do you know if an animal is a he or a she?

In animals with distinct external genitalia, the easiest way is to check the inguinal area. Males tend to have a single opening (the anus) while females tend to have two openi (MORE)
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Do you know what sex is?

Sex is when the male's penis enters the female vagina. Some females are virgins meaning sex is difficult because the vagina is too small for the penis to enter. Most virgins a (MORE)
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What is there to know about sex?

what goes where and if you are haveing any thing to do with sex you need to know what you are doing befor u let a boy stick his dick any wheir near you because you and get std (MORE)
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How do you know if he is in it for the sex?

If he only shows you real affection when you are sexually intimate. Also if he talks about ex girlfriends constantly and doesn't care what you think about it.
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What to know about sex?

Sex should always be done safely. Using condoms and birth control are great ways to have fun during sex but also being safe at the same time. What you should know about sex is (MORE)