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Im fourteen years old and have a boyfriend how do you know when you're ready for sex Does it hurt your first time for a girl What are some ways to masturbate Thanks?

I don't think you should. It might feel tempting at the moment, but think and ask your self a few questions. Do you really think you love him and he loves you back? Do you rea (MORE)
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Why do gentlemens clubs advertise 'live girls' and 'girls girls girls' instead of 'women'?

"Girls girls girls" sounds a lot kinkier than women. Men fantisize about young, 20 year old girls because it makes them feel like they've still "got it". (I think) its becaus (MORE)
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Is it safe for a girl to use a zucchini of 5incs even though washed and cleaned to the extent as a sex toy in masturbation?

There are several items around the house that can do the trick. Oneof my favorites is zucchini. I like to use smaller sized ones thatare a little soft. That way it's a little (MORE)
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What is the diferrence between a girl and a women?

a girl is still developing and a women is fully developed, more wiser, and more advanced on life than a girl and a girl is like a new born puppy lost in the world and needs he (MORE)
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When the girl says your the women in the relationship what do you do?

That usually means that you have to man up, you don't pull your own weight in the relationship, or, you are too childish.. Ways to man up . 1.Take out the garbage, make dinn (MORE)
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When do girls become women?

When they go through puberty. But in the case of Arabs when they grow hair on their back
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When does a girl become a women?

When puberty has finished. If you could accurately answer this one, you would be the wisest bird of all time!
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What do girl or women want?

A female in today's society most desires to be in utter control. we see this by their excessive nagging and by their continuing lust for more control in personal relationships (MORE)
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What happens when girls become women?

There is a process called puberty which makes you get hairy in places adults do and need to shave. And aslso have to wear either pads or tampons because blood bleeds out of th (MORE)
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The women of the bad girls club are?

season 1: Ripsi Leslie Ty Kerry Aimee Jodie Zara DeAnn Andrea Joanna. season 2: Tanisha Neveen Hanna Darlen Lyric Jennavecia Cordelia Andrea. season 3: Tiffany Sarah Whitney (MORE)
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What is hotter girls or grown women?

This depends on ones own preferences. Just bear in mind that having sex with a young girl can and will send you in jail for a long time, where as having sex with a grown wom (MORE)
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Harm lesbian can cause to girls and women?

Some girls are confused about their sexuality and may be curious about being lesbian or wonder if they are, but when they see a female that is openly lesbian they may be persu (MORE)
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What if your baby girl is one yr and she is always rubbing her head into wall and hitting her hips with her heals she just started walking is there any danger sign on masturbation?

No, that is just a baby being a baby. That is the type of stuff they do. It is not a "danger sign." If a one year old does happen to touch themselves, they do not even really (MORE)
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What do you do if your turned on by cartoon women and your a girl?

Have fun by becoming the cartoon character(s). See where it leads. There is a woman in Britain who dresses and makes herself up to look like Jessica Rabbit. She's been on many (MORE)
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How do you know a girl or women is a virgin?

The best way is to respectfully ask her. some women will feel it and it will hurt. they might start bleeding. other women don't even know that it happened in which case the ma (MORE)
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Do most of girls and women do fingering?

Most women and girls masturbate, same number as men and boysactually according to latest research, but not everyone isfingering (sticking their fingers inside the vagina). The (MORE)
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A Girl in my class that would cross her legs at the ankles and opens and closes her legs rapidly after awhile she hides her face and stops moving her legs is she masturbating?

It is possible she's masturbating, but.... I would first be inclined to think she's bored. A lot of people cross their knees and jiggle the dangling leg, from nervousness, (MORE)
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Do girls and women enjoy trampling?

Nobody enjoys being run over by herds of livestock. It's very painful. i love when a female walks on me with her soft sexy bare feet
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What jobs did women or girls have?

they had to make wigwams, longhouses, and a special kind of traps but basically almost everything there except hunting.
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Why are girls and women evil in Islam?

women and girls are not evil in islam, women have a high status in islam, they are like the backbone of the religion with high and important role
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Do all girls or women have a hymen?

No, not all girls are born with a hymen. The hymen is tissue left over from development within the womb - atone point there was no vaginal opening, as the vaginal openingdeve (MORE)
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Why do girls or women like horses?

Horses are not just a "girl-thing": many men and boys like or lovehorses as well and as much as girls and women do, and canunderstand them just as well and appreciate the equi (MORE)
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Why is hitting girls and women wrong?

Because girls and women have been made differently than males- males have been made generally more dominant.
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Can girls or women who cheat be holy?

Being holy or living a righteous life means following the exampleof our Lord Jesus Christ; in other words, following and obeying thecommandments of the LORD Almighty God. It i (MORE)