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How do you add a signature to a text message?

usually there is a "settings" menu in the messaging screen and you can make a signature but it usually has to fdo with the type of phone you have. Try looking at the starting (MORE)
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How do you set your text messaging signature?

Step 1: Press "Ok" to open the menu. Step 2: Go to "Messaging" and hit "Ok". Step 3: Scroll down to "Messaging Options" and hit "Ok". Step 4: Scroll down to "Signature" and (MORE)
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When can you buy the Motorola I1? Is the first company to offer this phone. I have tried the Motorola and sprint website and nothing yet.
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How do you put a text signature on a Motorola karma?

Go to *menu* and *messaging* than go to *options* while having *create message* highlighted and go to *setup* and *message setup* go to *signature* type it in and when you cre (MORE)
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How do you put a signature on you text messages on the sonyericsson?

some phones have the menu option to actually customize and choose to enable it, i had a sony ericsson w200i once and what i did was just make my signature as a template and wh (MORE)
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How do you write a signature for my text messages?

Some phones can't do it. But go to your inbox, and go to options, and it should say it somewhere. Or don't go to Inbox. go to where it shows inbox, and outbox, and drafts. and (MORE)