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What is it like to be a TV game show contestant?

Im sure its nerveracking. You enter a whole different world then your used to. Being on the other side of the TV(camera) can be intimidating. They have people that tell you wh (MORE)
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How do you become a contestant on the show?

You have to contact the show's casting personnel. If it is an open contest, usually you can find an application form on the show's website. If it is not an open contest, you c (MORE)
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Do game show contestants get study material?

No, contestants will never be given material to study directly from a game show. It's up to the contestant to study material that they think will be important.
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How money do game show contestants make?

a game show contestent usually enters they can win a certain amount of money like when who wants to be a millionaire was on t.v (or still is i don't watch much t.v but im pret (MORE)
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Who is the second winningest contestant on jeopardy game show?

After Ken Jennings won $2,520,700 in 2ND place for the daily shows is Dave Madden from season 22 who won 430,400 and then they also had tournament winners who won large amount (MORE)
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What serial killer was a contestant on the Dating Game TV show?

Before his appearance on the popular TV show The Dating Game in 1978, serial killer Rodney Alcala had already been convicted of the rape of an eight year old girl and had comm (MORE)