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What WiFi does iPhone use?

\nThe iPhone 3G should connect to just about any wireless internet router or provider, provided you have the password.\nPasswords vary depending on what kind of router is bein (MORE)
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What is an iPhone WIFI?

With Wi-Fi you can connect yourself to Hotspots or Wireless routers, so you don't have to pay for surfing on the internet, YouTube etc.
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Can you use gps on iPhone without connecting to WiFi or any internet connection?

NOt likely unless you have a huge amount of memory on your iphone because all the locations and such are streaming information from the internet. But thinking of it again, may (MORE)
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Do iPhones use WIFI to connect to the internet?

\nYes. But they can also use EDGE (for older iPhones) and 3G (for the new 3G iPhone) to connect to the internet. However, Wi-Fi is free to use while your must pay extra in you (MORE)
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Are the GPS on iPhone 3G free wothout WiFi Connection?

Are there any AT&T coverage bar things on your iPhone? if there are, you should be able to use the GPS. You're already paying for the data plan(they force you to),so why not? (MORE)
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Does an iPhone have wifi?

Yes? Have you read the user manual for your iPhone? It would tell you. Additionally, if you go into your settings application, then you should see Wi-fi within the top 5 lines (MORE)
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How do you get WiFi on your iPhone?

Go to settings -> Go to Wi-Fi ->Wait for it to search, then chose one that has no lock, or one you know that has a password you know. Your done!
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How do you connect an iphone to wifi?

Make sure you are near a Wi-Fi router. . Go to Settings on your iPhone. . Tap on "Wi-Fi". . Wait a few seconds for available routers to appear on your phone. . Tap on the (MORE)
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Why does the wifi work on your computer but not on your iphone?

I don't know but mine is doing the same thing it's so frustrating. my computer is using the Internet so i know there is wifi but it says there is no wifi on my phone. i wish s (MORE)
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How do you get wifi on iPhone?

First you have to buy the Safari ap. Then all you have to do is go in a place that has wifi! And there you go!
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Does iPhone use 3g internet connection?

Yes. All iPhones are capable of standard 3G connectivity (on mostbands) except for the original iPhone (launched 2007, no longercommercially sold).
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How can you connect your iPhone 5C to wifi?

I have the CISCO 2921-V/K9 router. To connect your iPhone 5c to wifi, you need reset your router's password. Following the guide to solve problem: (See related Link)
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How do you connect an iPhone 4 to wifi?

Go to your homescreen, then go to settings, click on wifi, make sure it is turned on, and then select your wireless network and enter the information (for example: password/us (MORE)