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How do you decode a vin for a Honda atc 70?

Answer . Yr Eng Frame 1973 10000001-ON 10000001-on 1974 11000001-On 11000001-on 1975 -1977 Honda Atc 70's were not made 1978 ATC70E-20000001-2010823 ATC70E-200000 (MORE)
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How do you decode Ford engine numbers?

1950's Ford engine plant, assembly date and inspection codes are generally stamped on a machined surface at the front end of the engine block. Example: 4-78NC from an MEL b (MORE)
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How to decode the Check engine light on a Honda Pilot?

Answer . Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem most auto parts stores will do this free. ==. You can buy an inexpensive OBD scanner for $50 or so on Amazon. Plug (MORE)
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Engine number Honda crx?

what year and model crx they came with different engines for the different trim level a dx is d15b2 and the si is d16a6, and nobody cares about the hf because they are garbage (MORE)
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Where is the oil plug on atc 200es Honda?

If you mean the oil drain bolt it is on the left side on the bottom of the engine its a big bult when it comes out there will be a spring and oil filter
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Top speed for 1985 Honda atc?

35-40 MPH depending on a bunch of stuff... including tire pressure, terrain, rider's wieght, etc.
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Decode engine serial number for Nissan?

\nThe private seller of my son's NISSAN Altima 2002 2.5 recently replaced the car's engine (under three month warranty). He mentioned the engine came from a 2005 NISSAN Altima (MORE)
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Where is engine number for Honda Odyssey?

It's on the front corner of the engine, on the driver's side. There's a small tab extending forward and it's stamped on there. You can see it if you put your head down around (MORE)
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How do you decode a Yamaha engine identification number?

I sent an email to Yamaha including my VIN number from my XV750 trike, the guy got back to me within a day to let me know the year and month of manufacture. This is the email (MORE)
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How do you adjust the clutch on a Honda atc 200?

There is an adjustment nut on the right side of the case on the motor that has a small screw driver slot in it. Loosen that nut a little and tighten that inner slot until you (MORE)
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How do you decode a Citroen C5 engine number?

To decode a vin number you need to know what each section means. the first three characters tell you where the car was made, characters 4 through 8 tells you about the car. It (MORE)
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When was the ATC 250R ATV by Honda produced?

The ATC 25OR ATV by Honda was produced in 1981-1986. It was used during that time for the vehicles that used an air cooled 248 cc single cylinder two-stroke engines.