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What positions are there in sex?

There are lots of great sex positions. Its best to experiment to find what is best for you and your partner. Some positions are better for him and some for her. Some positions (MORE)
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What are the top ten sex positions?

10. Spoons 9. Against the Wall 8. Galloping Horse 7. Missionary 6. The Fox (like the doggy) 5. Melody Maker 4. Man Trap 3. Hit the Spot 2. Slippery Nipple 1. (MORE)
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What sex positions do men like?

In my opinion, sex isn't for male pleasure as much as it is for female pleasure. What I mean is that it doesn't much for a guy to get off so any position will do. If your man (MORE)
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How do you have missionary-position sex?

Missionary is man-on-top position. The woman should lie flat on her back on the bed or couch.. or floor. The man will climb on top of her between her legs so that partners are (MORE)
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What is the butterfly sexual position?

Where you lie on your back on a table or couch. The man is standing up facing toward you. He places his hands under your butt and gently guides his penis into you. Your hands (MORE)
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How do you change sex positions durring sex?

lie over the other person and continue to roll and continue with your sex Answer . Simply suggest to your partner a new position and then switch. It is quite fun to experim (MORE)
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What is the butterfly position for sex?

The woman lays on her back with her butt at the edge of the bed, legs up. The man gets on his knees and goes up to the bed and enters her vagina with his penis. He puts his ha (MORE)
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What are 100 sex positions?

Choose any 100 different locations. Each one will have a different position on the globe

How do you tell a butterflies sex?

Many species are differently coloured, the male being brighter and the female more drab, brown etc. Species which don't have this (many as well) can be told apart by looking (MORE)