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Has Canon fixed the zoom mechanism on its digital cameras that resulted in an E18 error yet?

Answer The "E18 error" is a code that flashed on the screen of many older models of Canon cameras if the camera encountered problems during the lens extension process. Many t (MORE)
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Can Canon SLR lenses be used with a digital Canon Camera?

Canon EF lenses that fit Canon EOS cameras will fit all Canon digital SLR bodies. Canon FD lenses that fit Canon SLR's made before 1987 will not fit any EOS or digital EOS cam (MORE)
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Where can you buy a Canon digital camera?

Where To Purchase Canon Digital Cameras Online, you could do a Google search for "purchase Canon cameras," go to Canon's official site, or look for them on eBay or Amazon. Of (MORE)
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Is a Canon SD950 or Canon A720 the better digital camera?

CANON A720 - 8.00 Megapixels; 6.00x zoom (35-210mm eff); viewfinder- Optical / LCD; display size: 2.5 inch; ISO function: 80-1600; shuter speed - 15-1/2000; battery - 2 x AA; (MORE)
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Where can you get a manual for the Canon PC1080 digital camera?

you can get any manual from canon at this website. Click on download library and follow directions. I believe you are looking for the power shot A400 series, which has a produ (MORE)
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Will canon 480 eg flash for a 35mm camera work on the digital rebel xti?

Yes, but with some limitations. The Canon 480EG was designed as a TTL flash (through the lens metering) but also has an External Auto metering Mode. It can be used with an (MORE)
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Underwater digital camera housings canon?

Underwater housings for a variety of cameras are listed on a popular internet auction site. For your search, list your camera model and add the word "underwater" to see if one (MORE)
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Manual for Canon digital camera?

Canon has a download section for many of their products, including cameras. Lots of internet downloadable stuff, including manuals, are available at no charge from the followi (MORE)
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What is a Canon Elph Digital Camera?

A very small consumer-grade digital camera made by Canon. It is named after the very small Elph film camera that Canon used to make based on the Kodak Advanced Film System. Th (MORE)
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Your canon digital camera lcd display sHow is only pattern of colors not the actual object?

That is correct, it is not an optical view finder, though that shouldn't bother you too much. Most cameras have a viewing area which is nearly 100% of the actual image be reco (MORE)
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Will Canon Film Lenses Work On digital cameras?

All EF series lenses will work on any Canon EOS series SLR, digital or film. EF-S series lenses will NOT work on film SLRS or Full-Frame digital bodies (5D and 1 series). (MORE)
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Your canon s21s power shot digital camera will not show anything on the display execpt a squar box and will not take pictures does anyone have a sugestion?

This is a huge problem with the S21s by Canon. IT doesn't do any good to call Canon. They tell you to reset the camera back to default, as if we didn't do that already. Th (MORE)
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Canon digital SLR 500d camera shooting dark picture?

I would expect to use both the 55-250 and the 50mm F1.8. The zoomwill get you in close enough for where there's enough light on yoursubject. hope this helps you .......