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How can you fix a blank screen on the computer?

To fix a blank screen on the computer, first of all trydisconnecting all USB devices. Reconnect each one at a time inbetween a fresh start up to isolate any USB device that ma (MORE)
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How do you fix the digital screen on a microwave?

Answer . Controllers in all microwaves which include the digital display come as a module. The whole module has to be replaced. The part cost ranges from $90 up dependin (MORE)
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How do you fix a broken lcd laptop screen?

If you dont want to go to the expense of buying a new LCD screen you should set the screen in proper position straight up whenever you use it and dont tilt the screen or use i (MORE)
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Where to find digital camera LCD replacement screens?

In the US you can buy directly from the manufacturers, but for themost part retail prices can be quite high. There are many onlinesources, however, who sell discounted replace (MORE)
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Why is the lcd screen on your digital camera completely black.never like this before The camera works but can't produce an image on screen?

Answer . From what I can understand, if the camera is sill able take pictures but is not displaying any thing on the LCD, then it is a problem with the LCD or LCD cable con (MORE)

How to fix a broken LCD TV screen?

Sadly, the days of tinkering in the back of a television to fix it are well and truly gone. Even independent TV repair companies are limited to replacing modules in LCD and Pl (MORE)
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How do you fix kyocera strobe blank screen?

A Kyocera Strobe that has a blank screen can be fixed by replacingthe screen and ribbon cable. Screens can be easily damaged frombeing dropped.
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How do you fix LCD screen on a digital camera?

Replacing a cameras LCD is very easy to do. You can usaully buy the lcd cheap on auction sites. It might be better to purchase a broken camera with an intact screen. Make sure (MORE)
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How do you fix a blank screen on a cell phone?

Your phone might need charging, or it is broken. If you open the back of you phone, you might find a battery inside, that might need to be changed.
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Can the broken LCD screen on a digital camera be repaired?

Yes. Contact the warranty or service repair department and they can advise you of where to mail it or take it for repair. But if the cost of repair is more than the value of (MORE)
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How do you remove a scratch from a digital camera screen?

Many portable electronic devices have coatings on them, such as anti-scratch and anti-glare. The best way to repair them is to fill in and build up the scratches, layer-by-lay (MORE)

Can you fix a cracked lcd tv screen?

Normally a crack in an LCD screen is the end of the screen. Replacement screens can sometimes be fitted but often, the cost of a new screen and fitting charges can exceed the (MORE)
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Can you fix a cracked lcd screen?

A cracked LCD screen is not repairable. You will need a new LCD panel. Depending on model it can be within $50-150 (not from laptops manufacturers - they charge too much). Not (MORE)
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How do you clean a camera lcd screen?

If you have a clean hanky or glasses wipe then you can just wipe it jently but if you have grotty finger marks, dir, glue or stick stuff then get a cloth and VERY lightly wet (MORE)
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How do you fix a broken camera screen?

Call the manufacturer first for a price quote; it will probably cost more than a new camera, but you can ask. But if the cost is more than the value of the camera, and if yo (MORE)
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I dropped a digital camera in a there any way to dry the inside of the LCD screen?

You need to try Silica Gel Packets. There was a good article on that explains how to dry an iPod, MP3 player, cell phones, or any electronics. You need t (MORE)
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Can you fix a laptop LCD screen?

In most cases, it is not repairable. A good cost-effective solution is to replace the screen yourself. Most people are scared to fix their laptop screen. But replacing LCD scr (MORE)
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How do you fix a Canon PwerShot A70 camera when the image on the screen is all blury?

Several years ago, a large batch of defective Sony CCD imagers were installed in cameras from many vendors, including Canon. This occurred over the space of a couple years, a (MORE)
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How do you fix a phone that has a white screen?

You need to call someone and talk to that person for like 1 full hour. Then check the front of the phone and if its better open and close your phone 3 or 4 times.
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Can you fix a cloudy LCD screen on a camera?

It depends. Is it cloudy just because it is? A photography shop may be able to help you. It might also be just because the camera isn't of good quality. However if it's cloudy (MORE)
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How do you fix ar ds blank screen?

It depends on which screen. Once my top screen wasn't working. I took it to the shop and they sent it away for repair. But when my bottom screen did not work i took out the ga (MORE)
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How do you fix the blank white screen on the action replay DS?

You reset the game. If that does not work buy a new replay It depends on which white screen. If it is in the beginning then reset or hard reset. If it is in the game just rese (MORE)
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How do you fix iPhone with blank white screen?

This is simply caused by a defective LCD display. Personally, I would contact an professional iPhone repair business to have this fixed. Reason being, fixing iPhones can be a (MORE)
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How do you fix blank phone screens?

if it doesnt turn on once taking the battery out and putting it back it, take it to a mobile/cell shop and get them to fix it.
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Can a broken screen be fixed on a lcd tv?

In these days of replacement rather than repair it is very likely to cheaper to buy a new TV than to have a damaged screen replaced. Spare parts have always been far more expe (MORE)
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How do you fix your ds when the screen stays blank?

hi, someone told me this i am trying it out and wht you have to do is you have to charge your ds and leave it in the sun ! EASY good luck ! xx india
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How do you fix a white wide screen?

to fix your action replay you have to u have to press a+b+start+select if that doesn't work tell your parents to sue gamestop
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How do you fix my digital converter box when the screen goes white?

If the converter box has been working until now, it is likely to be a fault that has developed. However, it's worth checking all connections. You are likely to see either an H (MORE)