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You can't open the rear passenger door on your Vectra as the handle has been disconnected How do you reconnect it?

Answer . \nYou may be able to trip the lock by sliding a steel rule between the glass and the weatherstrip.I struggle to understand why the handle was disconnected,and the (MORE)
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On your 1997 passat the passenger door doesn't open any suggestions your drivers door was the same way but was able to open from the inside so you could fix the outside handle?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe lock mechanism is cable operated but the exterior door handle does not directly pull the cable which attaches to the lock mechanism. As far (MORE)
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How do you open rear door with broken handle?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nRepair/replace the handle and or mechanism. Ummm, if you need to open the door you could reach down inside the door with an old wire coat hange (MORE)
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Inside door handle will not open door?

I have a 2008 expedition with the same problem. i took the outer door panel and found that the cable that pulls the lock mechanism in the door had come loose. My cable "bracke (MORE)
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How do you remove the inner door panel on a GMC1500 Door handle to open the door from the inside is not working Door still opens with outside handle?

first you must remove the handle that opens the window than the arm rest must come off and the plastic cover around the inner door handle this is clipped on. Your inner whole (MORE)
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How do you open a door on a Honda Accord 1999 if the door want open with the handle inside or out?

You'll have to pull the cover off the inside of the door. This can be done by removing any screws, bolts that are holding it in place. Then you can get at the linkage and manu (MORE)
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Toyota Sienna 2001 The plastic handle that opens the back hatch broke Is there a way to get the door open another way Is there some way to get it open from the inside Can it be repaired?

There's an excellent discussion of this problem at this thread:\n. \nThe quick answer is that you remove the inside handle and (MORE)
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How do you fix a car door handle that opens from the outside but not the inside?

The most likely culprit is that the plastic retainer that holds the long metal rod that goes between the latch mechanism and the inside door handle has broken, and the rod is (MORE)
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How do you open a driver door and both handles are broke?

I just had this problem with my car (Nissan Sentra). What I did was take the door panel off from the passenger side door to see how the door handle worked and the set up. On m (MORE)
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Why isn't the garage door opens all the way?

If it is manual, one of the rollers can be catching on a joint in the track or it may be dragging on the door stop. The springs may not be tight enough. If there is an opener, (MORE)