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How do you make girls not hurt during sex?

Make sure she really does want to have sex. Then, you must have sufficient foreplay so that she is excited completely. When she is excited, the vagina dilates and the walls ge (MORE)
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How do you make a girl moan during sex?

Ask her what she likes and try to do more of that. That being said, some women don't feel comfortable moaning so they won't regardless. But the best option is probably just to (MORE)
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What noises should you make during sex?

Some people make a lot of noise, some talk, and others are more onthe quiet side. If you are enjoying yourself, you will likely makea few noises that will just come naturally. (MORE)
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How do you make a girl scream during sex?

Some girl whilst having sex scream, but others don't it just depend how good and how much you are hitting the spot. If you are struggling to make her scream don't worry she is (MORE)
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How do you make a man moan during sex?

Cut his penis.. Other answer: . Cutting his penis, as suggested by the prior answer will certainly make the man moan; it will also make him scream and thrash about and alm (MORE)
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What makes your vagina sore during sex?

There's really no delicate way to put this: Maybe he was too rough or maybe he's too big. Or, there could possibly be a physical problem for you. It might not be a bad idea to (MORE)
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How do you make girls satisfied during sex?

Ask her what she likes, and give her lots of attention. If you lead into the act, like through foreplay, kissing, oral, anything of the sort-you'll make her want it more. Its (MORE)
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Curled Toes in a Baby Chick?

This can happen for several reasons but sometimes can be corrected. In a day old chick it is often Genetic, in older chicks it may be a vitamin deficiency and the chick can (MORE)
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Why do girls make noises during sex?

Ok when Your having sex with the girl and ur penis is going in it out of her she makes noises cause it feels so good to her and she likes that feeling and she cant control the (MORE)
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What muscle curls the toes?

There are 2 muscles. There's firstly the Flexor Digitorum Brevis, which is a shorter mucle and attaches to I believe the 3rd phalange from the end of the foot in the shape of (MORE)
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How do you make spiral curls with a curling iron?

You put your hair in the curling iron . twist it around a few times very tight. close the curling iron. and to make the curls un twine your hair from the curling iron slowly. (MORE)
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Why do toes curl during sex?

Ligaments in the toes respond to serotonin released during coitus. Contraction is a involuntary response to this process.
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What makes girls moan during sex?

Well if a guy hits a sensitive spot in the girl's body it can have a good feeling to it - like masturbation if you have ever done it.
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Curled tails and Webbed toes in dogs?

Curled tails and webbed toes can be found in several types of dogsincluding Labrador retrievers, beagles, and Siberian Huskies. Thewebbed toes help them to move over mud or sn (MORE)
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Why are elves feet curled at the toe?

because they r short so they are always on their tippy toes to try and reach things that their toes just stayed. You have obviously never seen an elf barefoot. Their feet are (MORE)
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What does sweeping during curling do?

The friction from sweeping heats the ice slightly and reduces the friction between the rock and the ice. This does two things; it makes the rock travel farther, and it also ma (MORE)
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What is kinky toe sex?

it is where use use your toes to have sex eg male uses a toe to replace dick
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Does humping during sex make it more possible to get pregnant?

Humping is a part of sex, it wont make it more likely that you get pregnant because if the penis enters the vagina it doesn't mean anything either way. The only thing I can th (MORE)
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What do you do to make a girl conformable during sex?

just reassure her and just ask if shes OK and if she feel uncomfortable and wants to stop just stop and just make sure she is enjoying herself ;) Also if you make the first t (MORE)
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Why do woman make sound during sex?

Because the feelings they are experiencing are very pleasurable and sometimes you can't help but make sounds. A lot of the time they are unintentional. However, women are know (MORE)
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How do you make curls?

1st. get the supplies you need. Hairspray, curling iron. 2nd. Get a small bunch of your hair and spray hair spray all the way through it. 3rd. now take the curling iron and cl (MORE)
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What does curl up your toes mean?

In a literal way, it's another (better) way of saying to squeeze your toes so they bend down (curl up), instead of laying flat. Figuratively , it's an idiom that basically (MORE)
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Do condoms make incision easier during sex?

Do you mean insertion? If so, then yes, they would. The lubricant used would aid insertion to an extent. You should apply more lubricant though - sometimes you will need more (MORE)
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Girls make noises during sex?

Yes, though quite often it is simply put on to arouse the partner (because guys enjoy the fact that they are pleasuring someone). Girls can make any sets of noises, from moani (MORE)
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What makes a girl squrit during sex or other stimulation?

Her G-Spot, stopping, putting pressure on it, then tapping it glaze over it lightly at first..side to side and under it faster. She has to be relaxed and built up. It is a ful (MORE)
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Do you have to make noises during sex?

No. You react the way you want to but unless you and your partner know each other really well you need to let him know he is doing the right thing.
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How do you make him cry during sex?

Crying in bed is a normal reaction for some and not something you force. If it's not normal for him you should not try to make him do it.
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What during sex makes you have a baby?

When the male ejaculates (comes), he releases sperm and when the female menstruates (gets her period) monthly she releases an egg or eggs the week before. If she has sex durin (MORE)
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Why do my toes curl when I point my feet?

Your toes are curling because it is your bodies natural way oftrying to point your feet farther. If it makes you feel any bettermy feet do it too.