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How do you petition the court?

I am attempting to submit a petition to change the name of a Church Trustee. I was advised by the court clerk that I needed to file a petition and submit an order for the judg (MORE)
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What is petite court?

Petite essentially means "small". In legalese, it essentially means, "not regular". In olden times, petite courts, or "Petit Session Courts" were perfunctory courts dispatc (MORE)
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Example of petition to remove executor?

To remove an executor from an estate a petition must be filed. Thenthere has to be reasoning provided either ineligibility ormisconduct. All this must be provided to file in o (MORE)
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What is a petition of removal?

A petition of removal is a document that is filed with a courtsystem. It is most commonly used when DHS has completed aninvestigation and found that a parent has physically ab (MORE)
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How can you see what is in a petition filed with the clerk of court?

Go to the Clerk's office, give the Clerk information to identify the file and ask to see or get a copy of the petition. Papers filed in a court clerk's office are open to the (MORE)
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What is a Petition for Removal Personal Injury?

Petition for removal - personal injury is a form used in the legalfield. This is most commonly used when a parent has caused physicalharm to their child and DHS wants to remov (MORE)
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Can you petition the courts to remove someone's name from the loan and title of a house for not paying his share of the mortgage?

The answer to this question may depend on the state law in your particular state. It is doubtful, however, that you can just remove someone's name from the title for not payin (MORE)
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How can you petition the court for guardianship of your grandchildren?

it depends ifyou currently have custody of your grandchildren already. if you do then you must go through an adoptiion. otherwise most states wont grant fulll custody. grandpa (MORE)
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How do you petition the court for a record expungement?

Go to the Clerk of The Court and present a motion to the court for expungement. A judge will consider your request and the reason for it and after considering the crime and yo (MORE)
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What is a petit court?

The term 'petit' isn't commonly used (in the US) to refer to the court itself, but refers instead to the JURY which hears cases in that court. Trial cases are heard by Petit J (MORE)
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How do you petition the courts to expunge your record?

Submit a motion/petition to request the action - be prepared with good reason why it should be granted. Although it is possible to o all this yourself, I strongly suggest you (MORE)
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How do you petition the court for record expungement?

You'll need to get expungement forms from the County who holds the court record. You can check to see if they have instructions and the expungement forms online. If the Court (MORE)
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Where do you get a form to petition the court for custody?

You can get forms in person from your local court clerk's office, but you may also be able to get them online. Most state and local court systems have at least some forms avai (MORE)
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How do you petition the court for police records?

EXCEPT for files of active and ongoing investigations , police records are public records. You may go to your local PD and request to see them. The only time you might have to (MORE)
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How do you petition the courts to remove spouse name after a divorce?

That issue should be settled at the time of the divorce . It should be made a part of the divorce decree . If it wasn't then you need to consult with an attorney who can rev (MORE)
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How do you get out of jury duty petit court?

say you have a sickness, are watching someone sick, are on vacation, etc. Another View: MAYBE - in SOME places it is that easy to get out of jury duty, but where I have ser (MORE)
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Who can petition the Supreme Court?

Anyone who has lost a case in the United States Court of Appeals or the supreme court of a state, and who believes that they have a constitutional issue that needs to be resol (MORE)
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How do you petition Texas court for expunging?

Generally, you petition for expunction (that's what it's called inTexas) by filing the petition in the court that originally heardthe case. There are exceptions, and different (MORE)
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Can you petition the courts to remove someone from a house?

To simply remove someone from their home by petitioning the courts is unconscionable, especially a homeowner. If the undesirable is a renter, you may want to address your conc (MORE)
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The administrator made you put your own beneficiary funds into the estate account advising it was required. Can you sue her for fraud or petition the court to remove her?

You haven't explained what the "beneficiary funds" consisted of or where you got them. If the funds came from a joint account with you and the decedent or from a "payable on d (MORE)