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Does it matter where a boat's name is placed?

Answer . Normally, a boat's name is placed at the stern of the boat. I have never seen it placed anywhere else on the boat. I supposed you could put it up by the bow, if y (MORE)

Does it matter where the Lewis dots are placed?

Lewis Dot structures are known as electron dot structures. It doesmatter where the dots are placed. The dots should be placed toreflect the bond angles of the molecules. They (MORE)
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Why are bridges placed on rollers?

There are two reasons: First, as a bridge deflects under load, theends rotate a small amount and pull inward. The rocker/rollerallows for this movement. To see this happen, ta (MORE)
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Does it matter if the world is an unequal place?

Yes because that is a very selfish attitude to take and you shouldn't just be thinking about yourself (not you personally!) Everyone is equal and deserves a good life, it isn' (MORE)
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Does matter move from place to place?

If you mean do objects (which have matter) move through space, then yes, matter moves from place to place. The act of walking around in your room is already evidence of that, (MORE)

Why can't you be happy no matter how hard you try?

Find a girl(or boy) to be with providing they aren't an horrible person you will find happiness. . You may setting your sights too high and it is causing you to miss out o (MORE)

I can't get over him no matter how hard I try?

I really really liked him He moved away and it's been like 5 monthsnow I'm young so I know that I'm infatuated with him and I thinkthe only way I'm going to get over him is by (MORE)