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How do you print on an envelope?

Using Word, you choose Envelopes and Labels from the Tools menu. Type the address into the box. Then, look closely at your printer to find out how to place the envelope so it (MORE)
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Why does your canon mp530 smudge when printing an envelope?

Before printing the envelope you need to go to the printer's options and select "envelope" from the drop-down media type list. If you are using Word 2007 envelope printing i (MORE)
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How do i print on envelopes?

This is a perenial problem! The technique depends on your word processor; most have special facilities for printing envelopes. You don't mention the word processor you're plan (MORE)
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Canon MP 480 wont print black and white?

i had the same problem when the print options appear just click on preferences and near the bottom there is a box that says something like "grayscale printing" and just click (MORE)
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What printer can print Hallmark envelopes?

Envelopes come in several shapes and sizes. I assume Hallmark envelopes can be printed in any printer designed and capable of printing envelopes.
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What is a company that does envelope printing?

A company that does envelope printing would be an office supplies store. Not many businesses only specialize in envelop printing. Seek out Office Max or Staples.