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Which copier works better Canon or Toshiba?

I would choose Canon if you're planning to buy a color copier. If you're looking for just a black and white copier though, you should go for Toshiba or any other company, real (MORE)
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How do you wipe your canon copier hard drive clean?

In order to completely wipe a hard drive on a Canon branded copier, one must format the hard drive. Formatting the hard drive will erase all information. The operating system (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Canon copier?

Canon's consumer-grade multifunction copiers can be purchased via an office supply chain such as Staples or OfficeMax, or directly from Canon. To purchase enterprise-class cop (MORE)
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Where can one buy toner for a Canon copier?

Canon; Officemax and Amazon sells toner for a Canon copier on-line. Search for Staples on-line and there is a store locator if you want to buy it in-person. Once the website h (MORE)
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What is new about Canon digital Copiers compared to normal copier machines?

The Canon digital copiers improve normal copier machine's efficiency and productivity. The digital copiers can copy, send faxes directly from the copier, send e-mail and, func (MORE)
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What are some models of Canon digital copiers?

Some models of Canon Digital Copiers (Photocopiers) include the ImageRunner 1730if, the imageCLASS MF7470, the imageCLASS D1120, and the imageCLASS MF4890dw.
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Where can someone buy Canon color copiers?

Canon color copiers are sold in most consumer electronics stores. This includes Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Online retailers like eBay and Amazon carry them, too.
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How much does a canon color copier cost?

Canon color copiers can cost as little as $60 for a small all-in-one home machine that will also scan and photocopy. For a more robust small office machine it will cost upward (MORE)
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What do Canon copiers cost in the UK?

Canon copiers cost about ´£1950 average and can be purchased from the following retailers: City Dccs, Printer Base, Canon USA, Canon Copier, We Buy Copiers, Nextag, JFT (MORE)
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Where can you buy Canon copier cartridges?

You can buy Canon copier cartridges at Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. You can also purchase Canon cartridges directly from the online Canon shop.
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How does one order personal copiers from Canon?

One can order personal copiers from Canon by going to the official Canon website and buying them from the "Personal Copiers" section. One can also go to an office supplies web (MORE)
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What are the specs for the Canon PC430 copier?

Some of the specs for the Canon PC430 include a min media size of 4.13 in x 5.85 in and a max media size of 8.5 in x 14 in, the power of AC 120 V (60 HZ) and a 1 year warranty (MORE)