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How can you get your forgotten password?

Usually the site you are trying to get into offers a 'did you forget your password' link. If they do not, you can call to their customer service. If they do not have a custome (MORE)
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How do you reset a parental control password on a DirecTV receiver?

The Parental Control passcode can be reset remotely by DirecTVcustomer support. However, there are a few caveats. . Your receiver must be connected to the phone line in ord (MORE)
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How do you program my remote control that is directv?

Select menu, click on system setup, select 'remote', select 'program remote', select 'tv', select your type of TV. Slide the top slider on your remote to 'TV', press and hold (MORE)
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How do I unlock parental control on a directv receiver if I forgot the parental control password?

u could do the 400 possible combinations by doing 1111, 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 but write down what you do each day and only do 5 max becuz it has a digital delay for getting (MORE)
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How do you get past parental controls without the password?

You are not able to get past the parental password without inputting the password. You will need to call us to have an authorization sent to your receiver, which will remove t (MORE)
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How do you retrieve a forgotten username?

there is usually an option which you can chose which says'Forgotten username' that will be located in the same place as theforgotten password option, this it located under the (MORE)
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How do you get passed parental control passwords?

Ok simple really. if you have a mac there should be a keychain. OPen that file and click on any password. IF its not yours its probably someone elses. click on that pswrd and (MORE)
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Where is forgotten password?

On facebook type in your username and what you think is your password and if your password is wrong it will bring you to another screen and then you can click forgot password. (MORE)
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How do you retrieve your forgotten password from your wireless router?

If you know you haven't changed the password from the original one (SHAME ON YOU) then it should be in the manual somewhere. If you DID change the password then the only way w (MORE)
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How to retrieve password?

To retrieve your Skype password, you need your Skype username andthe reset instructions will be sent to your email.
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Can I retrieve my windows password if you have forgotten it?

Do you have a password reset disk? If you have one, things willeasy. If you have no disk, you can use some programs to resetpassword, you can search Windows Password Recover (MORE)