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How do you say tree in french?

Tree would be arbre in french. For two and more trees, one simply adds an s, getting arbres .
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How do you say me when meaning yourself in french?

me = me or moi Donne-moi du pain = give me some bread / Give some bread to me Peux-tu me donner du pain? - Can you give me some bread? Can you give some bread to me? Q (MORE)
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How do you say how in French meaning how old?

How old are you ?(for example) is translated in french in "Quel âge avez-vous ?" (polite form) or "quel âge as-tu ?" (to someone you know) literaly (what is you (MORE)
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How do you say medium meaning size in french?

Medium in french is 'moyenne', so to be of medium height is 'de taille moyenne'. For example: 'She is of medium height' in French is 'Elle est de taille moyenne'.
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How do you say mean in french?

As a verb To mean - signifier or vouloir dire I mean - je veux dire This meant he did not agree with you. Cela signifiait qu'il n'était pas d'accord avec toi.
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What does the saying up a gum tree mean?

"Up a gum tree" is an Australian colloquialism that usually means someone is off on the wrong track, and not on the same wavelength as everyone else.
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How do you say 'you are mean' in French?

vous êtez mechant!! :P *Almost! :-) The correct spelling is vous êtes m'échant, but that's only used if you're speaking to one man that you don't know well or you h (MORE)
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How do you say stop been mean on me in french?

hey"stop being mean to me" in French is :"arrêtez d'être moyens à moi"... if u want to know any other meanings, u could go to or use this link http: (MORE)
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How do I say you're so mean in French?

mean (English definitions are from 1. offensive, selfish, or unaccommodating; nasty; malicious: a mean remark; He gets mean when he doesn't get his way. (MORE)
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What is 'the tree' in French?

" L'arbre " is a French equivalent of "the tree." The singular definite article " l "* means "the." The masculine singular noun " arbre " means "tree." Its singular indefinit (MORE)
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How do you say 'do you know what I mean' in French?

It depends if you want to use "tu" or "vous" in French. for "tu" for example, one person who is a friend of yours : Vois-tu ce que je veux dire ? or Tu vois ce que je (MORE)
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How do you say your abc's and the song in french and what does it mean?

I suppose you mean the alphabet song. You can search for "chanson de l'alphabet" to hear it on YouTube or to find the lyrics. The lyrics are fair translations of the English s (MORE)
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What does it mean when they say your barking up the wrong tree?

It's a idiom meaning you're following the wrong line ofinvestigation or reasoning and won't find anything. It basicallymeans the current effort is a dead end and needs to be r (MORE)