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What is debt-to-equity ratio?

Total liabilities divided by total assets. This ratio is used to identify the financial leverage of the company i.e. to identify the degree to which the firm's activities ar (MORE)
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When debt-to-equity ratio rises why does the asset beta not change?

Asset Beta measures the inherent riskiness of the underlying assets with respect to the market. The equity and debt only affect the inherent riskiness of the firm, but the add (MORE)
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Breckenridge Ski Company has total assets of 422235811 and a debt ratio of 29.5 percent Calculate the companys debt-to-equity ratio and the equity multiplier?

What is given is: total assets = $422,235,811. Debt ratio = 29.5%. Find: debt-to-equity ratio. Equity multiplier. Debt-to-equity ratio = total debt / total equity. Total (MORE)
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Can debt equity ratio be zero?

Technically, yes. Practically, no. A company will always have non-current liabilities.. Appendix:. Debt equity ratio = non-current liabilities / equity. . >1:1 or >100% mea (MORE)
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What is the equity to assets ratio?

This ratio refers how much amount invested for fixed assets from equity. Formula for calulating this ration:- Fixed Assets/Equity(Capital+Reserves+Other accumilated Profits) (MORE)
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What is ideal debt to equity ratio?

Debt-to-Equity ratio compares the Total Liabilities to the Total Equity of the company. It paints a useful picture of the company's liability position and is frequently used.. (MORE)
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Solve for debt equity ratio with debt ratio of 43?

For a company, the debt ratio indicates the relationship betweencapital supplied by outsiders and capital supplied by shareholders.Often the debt ratio is computed as total de (MORE)
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Equity capital to total assets ratio?

Bank capital to assets is the ratio of bank capital and reserves to total assets. Capital and reserves include funds contributed by owners, retained earnings, general and spec (MORE)
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If the debt equity ratio is 1.0?

it's mean that total assets and total liabilities are equal for example: total assets are 50,000 and total liabilities are 50,000 so the debt ratio is 1
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Are assets primarily financed by debt or owner equity in each case?

One way to obtain the use of assets is to raise debt or equity capital and then use this capital to buy them. An alternative way to obtain the use of assets is by leasing. Bef (MORE)
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of equity and debt financing?

Advantages and disadvantages of equity finance Equity finance can sometimes be more appropriate than other sources of finance, eg bank loans, but it can place different deman (MORE)
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What is the net income if a company has a debt equity ratio of 1.40 return on assets is 8.7 percent and total equity is USD520000?

Return on assets is Net income/ total assets. Hence to arrive at net income we should ascertain total assets first, as the return on assets is provided at 8.7%. Total assets (MORE)
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How debt equity ratio improved?

Since the debt/equity ratio is determined as a fraction, you either decrease debt or increase equity. Before 2008, home equity increased yearly, but middle class persons kept (MORE)
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What is meant by the term equity financing?

Equity Financing is the term used when a company sells off some of it's own stock in an effort to raise more money for whatever projects they might be working on.