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How do you change your sylvania tv to video mode without the remote control?

I have no idea how old this is but for people who come here in the future if you lose the remote nothing you do seems to change it to game mode. Just invest in a inexpensive v (MORE)
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How do you get the video source button to work on at8560 remote with vizio tv?

I don't believe there is a code that will make that button work. I'm a customer service rep for time warner in Ohio and have an at8560 remote as well. I have not been able to (MORE)
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How do you change inputs on symphonic tv without remote?

Depending on the exact model number, there might be different ways available for you. Although, the most simple way to get the TV into input mode for most models is to change (MORE)
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How to change to video input on RCA TV without a remote?

Go to menu, select channel guide, scroll down the channel guide list, (you will go past the 100's) keep scrolling, you will see a selection of video inputs to choose from ex. (MORE)
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How do you program the input button on a Emerson tv with a dish remote?

You can program your DISH remote to work on your Emerson TV not just the input button. Here are the codes for your Emerson TV: 632, 652, 679, 682, 692, 661, 662, 657, 658, 525 (MORE)
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How can a Philips universal remote cl015 activate a toshiba TV?

On your philips controller look for Code search. Once you find it hold it down intil the red light is solid. Once it is turn on the TV and start pushing the power button on th (MORE)
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How do you switch video inputs on a ILO DTV2794 TV without a remote?

It's not possible to access the input selection area without a physical remote as the setting is not available from within the MENU setup. There was no love with the dtv re (MORE)
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How to program a dish remote to a toshiba tv?

The steps to program that remote are listed below! Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV l (MORE)