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How do you transfer downloaded apps to iPhone?

Your iPhone should have come with a connection cord used to plug into a USB port. Plug the first part of the cord into your iphone and the other part into the USB port on you (MORE)

How do you transfer apps from your iPhone 4 to your iPad?

Connect your iPhone into your MAC or PC and iTunes should pop-up(if it doesn't it means you've disabled it to do so, so open it upyourself). In the top left side of the screen (MORE)

How do you delete apps from the iPhone 4?

Hold down an app and all the apps will start jiggling and then press X on the top left hand corner of the app icon and then once it is deleted press the Square button to retur (MORE)

How do you log out of apps on the iphone 4?

1st,press the home[circle] button 2 times right after each other;it should show a bunch of apps youve been 2,so hold it like ur going 2 delete it,& it will show a - instead of (MORE)
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Can you transfer apps from iPhone to android?

Android, being open source allows apps to be installed from external sources. However, you cannot transfer apps from one platform to another. iOS and Apple block their appsto (MORE)