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What did Aristotle do?

Aristotle studied logic and numerous amounts of psychology. Aristotle's philosophy laid out an approach to the investigation of all natural phenomena, to determine form by de (MORE)
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How did Aristotle die and when?

Born 384 BCE, Died 322 BCE.. Aristotle died On 7th March 322 BC. in Chalcis, Greece (An ancient city). According to Sir David Ross's ARISTOTLE, "in 322 he died of a disease (MORE)
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Who did Aristotle teach?

Aristotle's most famous student was Alexander the Great.
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Why was Aristotle important?

In most of the ancient world, strong fighters won all the glory. But in Athens, great thinkers and wise men were honored. People listened to them and followed their advice. Ev (MORE)
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Where was Aristotle from?

Starigus a Greek seaport of the coast of Thrace
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Who was Aristotle?

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and teacher who formulated thebasis for much of today's modern science. Aristotle was born in Stageira; a Greek Colony When in Macedonia,in (MORE)
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Aristotle who was he?

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher.
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Who is Aristotle and what did he do?

Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived was born inStagira, Greece in 384 BC. He died in Chalcis, Greece in 322 BC.Aristotle wrote books based on philosophy, poli (MORE)
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Did Aristotle have a nickname?

"the reader" b/c he studied a wide variety of subjects "Intelligence of the school" b/c he was Plato's best student "the Stagirite" b/c he was born in Stagira in N. Greece
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How is Aristotle famous?

Aristotle is famous due to the following reasons- 1. He made super contributions in physics as well as astronomy. 2. He is the father of biology. 3. He founded the sciences o (MORE)
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Was Aristotle a god?

No. Aristotle was not a god. There is only one true God, and thetrue God is the Father in heaven. God is God and therefore not man (Hosea 11:9).
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Was Aristotle a slave?

No, he was an upper-class Aristocrat. He thought that slaves were incapable of happiness and virtue.. THIS IS FROM YA GURL DWAUN MOYER..... RIGHT OUTTA BCHS.. DUHH. HOPE THIS (MORE)
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What did Aristotle observe?

Aristotle observed the way our solar system is formed and also provided data for those following him, not all were correct but were a pretty good guess.
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Who Christianize Aristotle?

No one did. Aristotle was born and died over 200 years before the birth of the Christ.
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What were Aristotle job?

Hello there, I don't know ALL of them but I do know some! :) He used to be a very famous Philosopher and a Teacher of Alexander the Great...Hope I could help!
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Is Aristotle a experimentalist?

Aristotle was not an experimentalist. He based his understanding of the world on observation, and reasoning, and on scholarship, which is to say, familiarity with the opinions (MORE)
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Where did Aristotle teach?

Aristotle taught his pupils the "golden mean", which said that a person should do nothing in excess.