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What were the goals of U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War?

Answer . As I'm not privy to White House documents, I'll have to go with what the government STATED was the primary goal...Containment of communism. The idea was that A) Th (MORE)

Foreign policy during the cold war?

The US foreign policy during the Cold War was the Truman Doctrine, which was to prevent the expansion of communism to new nations. In other words, containment.

How did the cold war affect US foreign policy?

Since the start of the cold war, the epic battle against communism has had a tremendous impact on U.S. foreign policy. The resulting arms race and nuclear proliferation had ma (MORE)

What were the goals of the US foreign policy during the cold war?

Well I remember that it was to push a conflict in between nations to its highest point so the US could have maximum power over it. By conflict I mean like just disputes not ac (MORE)

What was American foreign policy and domestic policy during the Cold War?

Foreign Policy: Mainly focused on the policy of containment, the Idea of keeping Communism where it was. The United States was using its political and economic influence in Eu (MORE)

What are the foreign policies of Soviet Union during Cold War?

The foreign policies of the Soviet Union changed as did the leaders of the countries. Joseph Stalin remained in power of the USSR for 8 years after WW2 was over. His foreign p (MORE)