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How long should you wait before calling someone after the first date if it went well and he said you should see each other again?

I wouldn't touch that phone to call him let him call you... if he reallt likes you he will call. don't worry Answer Exactly, if he has your number let his fingers do the (MORE)
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How long should you wait to date someone new?

Answer . if you feel like you've forgotten about your ex and have no feelings for your ex whatsoever or when you think of ur ex, you don't want that person back, you don't (MORE)
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How long should you wait before you tell someone you are dating that you love them?

Tell them when you feel it! Well...when your sure you feel it and are not contemplating the feeling anymore. What may prepare you to tell them is using the word in other conte (MORE)
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How long should you wait before asking someone out after they get out of a relationship?

Answer . \nit all depends on the person. you can let that person you know you care about them and want to take your friendship to the next level and see what they say, jus (MORE)
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How long should you wait after sex to talk to someone?

If your talking about right after sex in bed, don't wait, silence is horrifying. If your talking about, you had sex and then went your separate ways, you have to remember what (MORE)
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How long should you wait for someone?

As long as you want. If you are the one holding out, then when ever you are ready. If you are the one being held out then as long as you are willing...meaning when you are no (MORE)
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How long should widow wait before dating again?

Years ago there was a set time of a year, but today there isn't a time that is followed by society. I will give you a bit of advice though. After such an life event you need t (MORE)
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Please read what I said in the discussion area...How long should you wait before asking someone out on a date?

when you feel comfortable enough and ready that is when it is best for you. But I never feel comfortable when it comes to this kind of stuff....I want to ask him but I never (MORE)
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How long would should you wait before having a second helping?

If it is a high end dinner at a hostesses home then they will generally tell their guests to help themselves. If you at a friends home and have been invited for dinner then it (MORE)
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How long should you wait before dating your former psychiatrist?

You should just date him right now with no problem with what people say because your love that you feel is soo strong that you dont need no one to tell you what the heck to fe (MORE)
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How long should you wait before calling an ambulance when someone is fitting?

If this person does not normally have seizures, then it is always appropriate to call an ambulance immediately. Some people with epilepsy or similar diseases can experience re (MORE)