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How many wrong ways is there to solve the rubik cube?

Answer \n. \n \n\n43 Quintillion serious too, and not meaning shaking it. I'm just specifying, the number of permutations of the cube would be 8!*12!/2*3^7*2^11 or 43, (MORE)
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What bead pattern colors look good together?

Answer . depending on what pattern you are using;; i would recommend the following colors;; 2 colours;; -black & red -black & yellow -yellow & orange -green (MORE)
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How many solutions to a rubiks cube are there?

An infinite amount of solutions. Reason why is because you could turn the cube 1,000 times to solve it, or 2,000 times to solve it, or... well, you get my point. If you were (MORE)
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How many squares on a rubik cube?

84 1 side (dimensions are measured by each individual square): . 9 1x1 squares . 4 2x2 squares . 1 3x3 square . 14 in Total 6 sides to a cube: 6 * 14 = 84
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Pattern of the rubik cube?

you just turn the cube. kung sa tagalog pa!iikot mo lang nang ikot. hanggang ikay mahilo. LOVE:SELLE
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What are the colors of Hazel Atlas' pattern Moderntone?

The Moderntone pattern was produced in transparent colors as well as the opaque platonite colors. In the transparent colors, there was Clear, Pink (hard to find), limited gree (MORE)
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How many color patterns on a Rubik's Cube?

In a classic Rubik's Cube, each of the six faces is covered by 9 stickers, among six solid colours (traditionally white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow). A pivot mechan (MORE)
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How many combinations are there for a rubiks cube?

There are 519,024,039,293,878,272,000 possible permutations, although only 1 in 12 of them are possible without taking the cube apart. ---- = 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 p (MORE)
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How many patterns are there in tae kwon do?

Brief Answer: The answer to this depends upon what system of Taekwondo you study, and what organization (if any) with which your school is affiliated. International Taekw (MORE)
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What is a color pattern?

Color pattern is defined as an arrangement or pattern of colors orcolored objects conceived of as forming an integrated whole. Acolor pattern can be identified for anything.
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Is the rubiks strong?

The Rubik's cube is really strong if you buy the official product. There are loads of fakes, the mini ones are also easily breakable. You can tell if it is an official product (MORE)
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Is there a pattern of how many moons a planet has?

There is a "pattern" relating to the size of a planet and the number of moons that it has. However, this cannot be used as a basis for determining how many moons a planet will (MORE)
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How many sides are on a full size Rubiks cube?

All cubes have six faces, including Rubik's cubes. Each face on a Rubik's cube is divided into 9 squares. There are 54 individual squares on a Rubik's cube (9 * 6). The Rubi (MORE)
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How many people in the world can solve a rubik cube?

Well there's roughly 6.5 billion people in the world and (only5%) of the world can slove it so that makes it only 325,000,000people out of 6,500,000,000! Hope this helped.i lo (MORE)
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What is a horse color pattern?

There are several types of color patterns. Some examples are: tobiano overo sabino rabicano brindle
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How many colours are there on the squares of Rubik cube?

six, because when you buy one it starts off with each side has one color and a cube has six sides. That's my answer but...if the rubik cube has a sticker in the middle on a si (MORE)
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How many people can solve the rubik cube in 1 minute in the world?

There are currently 10 people that have (in competition, recorded by the official World Cube Association [WCA]) solved the cube in exactly 1:00.00 seconds. Something closer (MORE)
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What are different paint horse color patterns?

Paint horses come in two basic patterns, tobiano and overo.* Both of these patterns can be predominatly white or color. Tobiano:Solid color head with any combination of star, (MORE)
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How many rubiks products are there?

MANY. 52 on the official website for the original brand(Some of which aren't actually cubes) and A LOT of spin-offs of the cube made by different companies.
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What is rubik cube?

A Rubik's Cube is a toy in a shape of a cube. The objective of the cube is to get all colors in the correct position (to get each side with one color).
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How many chord patterns are there in jazz?

Since chord patterns can be anything from 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 bars (and others) in length, and allowing for all modulations, slash chords and substitutions - there are an almost (MORE)
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What is the color pattern of brangus cattle?

Brangus cattle are a stabilized combination of Angus and Brahman.The Brangus cattle are available with a completely black coat or acompletely red coat.
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What the color opposites on a Rubik cube?

If you got a standard cube. You have, blue, green, orange, red, yellow and white. Blue is opposite green. Yellow is opposite white. Orange is opposite Red.
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What is the color pattern for the Stanley kilt?

It is not so much the "kilt" but rather the "tartan" form which thekilt is made. For an visual answer to this question see the related link I havemade below.
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What is Burmese python size-color weight and pattern?

The average length of an adult Burmese Python - is around 12feet (3.7 metres). Average adult weight is around 79 pounds (39Kilos). They have a light tan background colour, w (MORE)
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How can applying colors or patterns be useful in a worksheet in MS Excel?

It can highlight things. A colour can be used because it has asignificance to the values you are using. You might have acolour-coded system for types of products, and so you u (MORE)