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Could your parents sponsor your illegal immigrant boyfriend and if so how?

No. Here's the thing. If you're boyfriend is and illegal immigrantthan he cannot be with you. He must find where his heart lies, withyou or with a man. With great power comes (MORE)
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How many skateboarding sponsors are there?

here's a list DC Zero Adidas Mystery Plan B Momentum Enjoi Destructo Volcom Silver Matix Independent Osiris C1RCA Fallen Krooked Girl almos (MORE)
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Who could sponsor you to go to Antarctica?

If you wanted to mount an expedition, you could find equipment manufacturers who may want to sponsor you. Their product line should include gear for extreme cold weather.
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How many kids could turtles could have?

A sea turtle can lay over 100 eggs. A pet turtle can have up to 10 eggs. Box turtles can lay 4, 3, or 2 eggs. If you need anymore advice on turtles, please email me about it a (MORE)
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Does Nike sponsor kids?

Company like Nike will sponsor a team, if the. team is getting lots of media attention then yes. . chances are Nike will sponsor equipment. . your daughter has to be very g (MORE)
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How much does 20000000.00 weigh?

It depends on the unit and what unit you want to know the weight in. Google can help converts weights.
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How many kids could the Irish have?

They can have as many children as any other nation. (China being one exemption - was once 1 child per couple only, nowrelaxed to 2 children.)