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Why do men and women serve the US in the Armed Forces?

Because they want to help protect, serve and defend their country.There may also be the desire for prestige, the legacy of one'sfamily, and the desire to make one's family pro (MORE)
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Why do men and women serve in the armed forces?

1) In democracies, because they wish to serve and protect their country, its freedoms, its way of life and those who can not or will not do this for themselves. 2) In democr (MORE)
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How many bones are in your arm and hand together?

the total number is 30. humerus (upper arm) radius and ulna (forearm) make up the arm, and in the hand we have a total of 27; the wrist is made up of carpals (8), then metacar (MORE)
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Why does the armed forces have so many people?

It depends which armed forces you're talking about. It would be different between dictatorships to democracy and all the other forms of government. A few reasons I could sugge (MORE)
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How many US generals in the armed forces?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 873 generals or admirals in active duty in the armed forces as of April 10, 2003.\n. \n (MORE)
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How many generals in the arm forces?

I was in the Marines, and there was one general per, I would guess to say that there is at least one per base in all the branches and one from each branch doing the (MORE)
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How many websites are there all together?

There are so many websites being added every day, that the number of websites that exist within the internet are uncountable. This meaning that you cannot count all the websi (MORE)
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How many toes all together?

there are 10 toes in your body altogether but some people are born with more than this.
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How many animes are there all together?

Jeeze! More than you've had school dinners, plus your mum's school dinners, and your uncles, and your aunties, and your grandads, and your paperboys, and your teachers, and yo (MORE)
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Why do all market economies have taxes to support armed forces?

Presumably the question is referring to "free market economies" asopposed to command economies or even agrarian economies or that ofa bartering economy. All economies have mar (MORE)
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How many planets are there all together?

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognises eight planets in our solar system (from closest to sun to furthest); Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uran (MORE)
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How many gods do you all have together?

In the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible), one and only one: God In the Christian Bible, three: God Jesus The Holy Ghost
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How many tigers are there all together?

Well in 2005 there were only 500 in asia, but over the years the number has increased a lot...BUT most of them are held in captivity.
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Do all men have the same arm length?

No. There is a wide variation in all the proportions of a human - with some people being very far removed from the 'average'.
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How many moshlings are there all together?

Moshi Monsters continues to add moshlings all the time, so this number keeps changing. As of February 2012, there are 63 moshlings.
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Who out ranks all officers of the armed forces?

The President as Commander in Chief is the top ranking civilian authority over all officers in the Armed Forces of the United States. The top ranking officer over all other mi (MORE)
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Can gay men and women serve openly in the armed forces of the United Kingdom?

Yes they can! This has been allowed since 2000 and has caused no problems despite expectations to the contrary. Until its policy changed, the British military had deep misgivi (MORE)
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Why do men and women serve the U.S. in the Armed Forces?

Military service has a long and honorable history. A good military record is an asset to getting into many careers, especially if one is an officer. The pay is pretty good and (MORE)