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How many admirals are in the US Navy?

U.S. Code of law explicitly limits the total number of four-star admirals that may be on active duty at any given time. The total number of active duty flag officers is capped (MORE)
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How many admirals are in the British navy?

I'm not sure of the 2009 figures but back in May 1805 there were 144 Admirals consisting of 46 Admirals, 36 Vice Admirals and 62 Rear Admirals.
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How many 4 Star Admirals are there in the U.S. Navy and what Commands are they?

The rank is an appointed one, and goes with the position they're appointed into. The requirement is that they be an Admiral of lower rank before being appointed. By U.S. law, (MORE)
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How many Fleet Admirals has the Navy had and who were they?

If you are referring to the rank of "Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy", which is the equivalent of a 5-star general, then there have been only 4 in the history of the U (MORE)
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How many admirals in Indian navy?

There is only one Admiral in the Indian Navy. But there are quite a few Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals,these are below the rank of Admiral and are all under the Admiral only. (MORE)
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How many 5C in 18dollars?

1 dollar = 100 cents = 5 cents x 20 then 18 x 20 = 360 Answer: there are 360 5 cent coins in $18
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How many 5c equal 10?

If that is an equation: 5c = 10 then the value of c is 2