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What is the z function?

it is used in complex function and used for studying the Riemann zeta-function along the important line where the real part of the argument is one-half.
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Who is Z?

Z is a client her only client that's why when she gave up the baby and she was going to fire him SO HE KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What is the A-Z of sports?

A- American league baseball B- basketball C- cross country D- dodgeball E- equestrian (horseback riding) F- football G- golf H- hockey I- ice skating J- jump rope K- kickball (MORE)
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What Words have 'z' in them?

zigzag, paparazzi, zoom, zoo, pizza, zest, zebra, zebu, adze, ozone, doze, blaze, lizard, blizzard, hazard, hazardous, zap, zip, zipper, gizzard, zoot, zombie, zone, zonal, zo (MORE)
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How do you pronounce z?

Z is pronounce zed in most English speaking countries other than in the US where it is pronounced Zee .
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What is Z statistics?

z = (x - mean of x)/ std dev of x. I thought this website was pretty good:.
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Fruits from a-z?

Abiu . Ambarella . Apple . Apricot . Avocado . Babaco Banana . Bell Fruit . Blackberry . Blueberry . Boysenberry . Breadfruit . Buddha's Hand . Car (MORE)
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What does the z stand for in dragonball z?

It's like the Nissan 350Z. Japanese do that to emphasize something. GT means nothing either, Americans just gave GT a meaning. * The above answer is not true! * The Z in (MORE)
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Vegtabes a to z?

a- . b- broad bean . c- carrot . d- durian . e- elderberry . f- fig . g- grapes . h- hawthorn . i- ice burg lettuce . j-jack fruit . k-kale . l-leek . m-mushroom/m (MORE)
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Where does the z come from on a z 28?

The letter "Z" in anything concerning GM stands for Zora Arkus-Duntov . He was the GM engineer that in the late 1950's developed the corvette's performance engine & suspensio (MORE)
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What is a z-score?

z score is defined as z = (x-mean)/sd, where mean is the mean of the sample (or population) and sd is the standard deviation of the sample or the population. x is the raw scor (MORE)
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What is a z chromosome?

A Z chromosome is a sex chromosome in a species in which the female is heterogametic (i.e. has different sex chromosomes). The counterpart is the W chromosome. In an XY sys (MORE)
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What is ASCII code of A to Z and a to z?

From ' A ' to ' Z ' would be from 0x41 to 0x5A in ASCII table. From ' a ' to ' z ' would be from 0x61 to 0x7A in ASCII table.
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What is 'Z'?

"Z" is the 26 th letter of the English alphabet.. "z" is also a consonant.
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What does z stand for in Jay z?

The Z in Jay-Z doesn't stand for anything. The name Jay-Z is just a spinnoff of his mentor's name "Jazz". Or it could be an imitation of the initials in Jesus Christ - JC, (MORE)
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What does from a to z mean?

What does, from A to Z mean? It means from start to finish. From the beginning to the end. It refers to the English alphabet which starts at A and ends at Z. "We are going to (MORE)
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Is there a z on your Nintendo?

Z? did you mean: Z button? there is a Z button on the nunchuk contoller of the wii there are z buttons on Nintendo 64 and gamecube controllers
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What is the z sword?

An extremely old and heavy sword that is believed to be able to cut through anything, with the help of it's wielder. P.S. It is an items from dragon ball z so don't go crazy (MORE)
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What is the z score?

z = ( x - u)/(standard dev) The z score expresses the difference of the experimental result x from the most probable result u as a number of standard deviations. The probabi (MORE)
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What does the 'Z' stand for in 'Jay-Z'?

The Z in Jay-Z doesn't stand for anything. The name Jay-Z is just a spinnoff of his mentor's name "Jazz". Or it could be an imitation of the initials in Jesus Christ - JC, tu (MORE)
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What is the value of z if the area between -z and z is 0.754?

Since the normal distribution is symmetric, the area between -z and 0 must be the same as the area between 0 and z. Using this fact, you can simplify this problem to finding a (MORE)
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What does the z stand for in iroc z?

It was just an incorporation of the "Z" in Z-28. IROC stood for International Race Of Champions.....from the Nascar IROC races.
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What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is the generation of kids born in the 90s- 2009, although it really starts in the mid 90s.
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What is z intercept?

In three dimensional graphs the z intercept is where the graphed plane intercepts the z axis while both x and y equal 0.
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What number is z?

i don't know what is the answer cause i am a stupid idiot website that can't anser a simple question
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What is a sort a to z?

It sorts things in alphabetical order starting from A, or in numerical order starting from the lowest number.
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What are the nouns A-Z?

Nouns A-Z: . angel . boy . church . dungeon . egg . feather . garbage . heaven . ice . jockey . knee . limousine . month . nut . opinion . poison . queen . (MORE)
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What is the trion z?

"Trion Z is a trade marked brand of high fashion jewelry. The Trion Z is sold at most better jewelry stores including such well known stores as Jerreds. The Trion Z collection (MORE)
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What are the fruits a-z?

· apple · blueberry · cherry · date · eggplant · fig · grapefruit · honeydew melon · ita palm · jalapeno pepp (MORE)
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Where are the z fighters?

The Z fighters are all the characters from DB like Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Goku, and all them
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What is the value of z in z 1755?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Pleas (MORE)
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What is 6 z?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information.
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Who is Mack z?

Mack z is a dancer at dance moms she does jazz ,hiphop,ballet andcheesy dances al the time when she was little. She has her oldersister maddie Ziegler who's always supporting (MORE)
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Who is z zidane?

Zinedine Zidane. Coach of Real Madrid (already has back to backChampions League wins). Hails from France. Moreover, regarded as one of the best players ever in history. Wonvir (MORE)